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Johnson & Johnson and Other Companies to Discontinue Differing Doses of Children's Medication

Children and infants are two different types of people, although even the most caring and detail-oriented parents can get the two groups confused from time to time when it comes to consumer products that are available. One of the most dangerous examples of this confusion involves over-the-counter medication that's sold in retail outlets. Many companies offer medications that are made for children and others that are made for infants, but the difference between them can be unclear to those who purchase and use them. As a result of this growing problem, several companies that include Johnson & Johnson will discontinue the manufacture and sale of medications with differing doses for children and infants.

This decision will affect several very familiar name brands that include Tylenol. Many of these products are sold in drops form, which makes it easier to administer them to children and infants. However, these differing medications have differing strengths when it comes to their active ingredients, and when a parent gives an infant a medication that was made for older and larger children, it can result in an overdose and in immediate medical danger for that infant. Rather than risk additional problems, Johnson & Johnson and other companies will simply move to manufacture medication that's consistent in its strength.

In 2009, there were more than a dozen hospitalizations of infants who had accidentally overdosed on medication that was formulated for older children, and the most common ingredient that caused this problem is known as acetaminophen. This substance is known to help with such common ailments as coughs and fevers, but if too much of it is ingested and an overdose results, a small child or an infant can face dire consequences. To date, no reports of deaths have been reported as a result of this label confusion.

Arizona Defective Drugs Lawyers

Parents of a child who has suffered as a result of an accidental overdose likely have had to endure much in the way of extreme stress, worry and have incurred a potentially large amount of medical expenses in an effort to bring their child back to health. Those who have found themselves in this situation may have hesitated to learn more about their legal rights because they feel it was their mistakes that led to these situations. However, that may not necessarily be the case in all scenarios.

If your child has suffered because of an accidental overdose due to label confusion, you need to seek the help of Arizona defective drugs lawyers who can help you obtain the understanding of your legal rights that you need. Contact the Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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