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IRS Tax Collection Attorneys

Finding an attorney to help you respond to the IRS’s collection efforts is one of the most important steps you can take.

You may think you just need an experienced accountant, but they are limited in the help they can provide. You not only need someone with knowledge of tax law, but also someone who can deal with the IRS on your behalf. Phillips Law Group’s IRS debt collection lawyers are here to help you protect your assets and develop a sustainable plan for paying off your debt. We may be able to negotiate to reduce your debt or even eliminate some tax penalties.  

Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss your situation and determine how we may be able to assist you. Our firm has been helping Arizona residents for more than 28 years. Visit our client reviews page to learn what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with our firm.

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How an Attorney May Be Able to Help

There are a variety of things our firm may be able to help you with. If you have tax debt and need assistance, give us a call to learn how we may be able to help. The initial consultation is free of charge.

People often need help with the following things as it relates to IRS debt collection:

Tax Court

One of our attorneys could help prepare your case for tax court and represent you at the proceedings. We have extensive knowledge of tax law and potential options for achieving a favorable resolution. Unlike the IRS, which is only focused on getting its money, we are focused on your best interests.

Criminal Investigation

Those who are subject to a criminal investigation often do not know it until they have been charged with a crime. However, if you know you did something illegal with your taxes in the past, a criminal investigation could be a possibility.

Give our firm a call to discuss your situation and how to proceed. You do not want to take this situation lightly – criminal investigators are highly trained by the IRS and FBI and armed. You need experienced legal representation to protect your rights and try to help ensure you are treated fairly.

Tax Levies

Unlike other debt collectors, the IRS has broad authority to go after people who have not paid taxes. They have the authority to seize real estate, cars, wages, bank accounts, boats, retirement accounts and other assets.

Your main priority needs to be limiting the financial damage from tax levies. This is something you should get help with from a licensed attorney. Your lawyer may be able to stop the levy while working with you to get your tax debts resolved, or at least develop a sustainable plan for resolving the situation. While you need to pay your debt, you should be able to do so in a way you can afford.

Tax Penalties

Penalties are often a large portion of debt owed to the IRS. What many people may not know is it may be possible to have these penalties significantly reduced or even eliminated. You must show you had a legitimate reason for not complying with tax laws.

If you cannot pay these penalties, one of our attorneys may be able to find another way to help you get back into compliance with the IRS.

Tax Fraud

You need advice about how to manage this situation and you need the confidentiality provided by attorney-client privilege. If you committed fraud, such as by claiming false deductions or credits, not declaring income or other actions meant to defraud the IRS, we may be able to assist you.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Tax Debt

There are several benefits to hiring an attorney during this difficult time. You should review these benefits as you consider your options and the next step you want to take.


Your private conversations about your tax issues should be covered by attorney-client privilege. That means those conversations cannot be shared with others, except in rare circumstances. This encourages clients to disclose relevant information to help the attorney better serve them.

You do not have this privilege when working with an accountant. An attorney cannot testify against you, unlike a tax professional.

Wide Range of Knowledge

Not only can an attorney offer advice about IRS issues, he or she can also discuss whether it may make sense to file for bankruptcy. A certified public accountant is unlikely to be able to advise you on this issue.

At Phillips Law Group, our attorneys have a wide range of knowledge that we are ready to apply to your situation. Our goal is to reach a favorable resolution and mitigate the financial damage this situation may have caused.

Representation Throughout the Process

An attorney can stand in on your behalf at various tax proceedings, such as meetings with the IRS or in tax court. Your attorney can respond to letters from the IRS and other correspondence on your behalf. If you hire an experienced attorney who puts your best interests first, you can have peace of mind that your attorney is taking the appropriate steps on your behalf.


You need an aggressive, experienced negotiator on your side because it may be possible to negotiate down some of your debt. You could end up resolving the situation for less than you owe. Penalties could be waived or reduced. Keep in mind, tax professionals cannot negotiate on your behalf, attorneys can.

If you need an attorney or have more questions about how an attorney may be able to assist you, give us a call to schedule a free legal consultation. Phillips Law Group’s IRS debt collection lawyers have extensive legal knowledge and are ready to help you resolve your tax debt.

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What Are My Options for Resolving My Tax Debts?

There are various ways you may be able to resolve your tax debt. For example, we may be able to do an offer in compromise, which is a settlement for less than the amount owed. Often, the IRS accepts this type of settlement if you can prove the settlement offer is the same amount the IRS would be able to collect if they tried to forcefully take payment from you. However, this is very difficult to prove, and you need an attorney’s help.

Other options for resolving tax debt may include:

  • Penalty abatement – This refers to partially or fully removing tax penalties. These penalties are a tool the IRS uses to scare people into complying with the law.
  • IRS payment plans – There are a variety of payment plans offered by the IRS. Your attorney can review them with you to determine if there is one that may fit your needs. Your attorney can also help you get things set up so you can start getting your debt paid off.
  • Innocent spouse relief – Spouses who file taxes jointly can both be held liable for tax debt, even if it was only one spouse who created the debt. If your spouse caused the problem, you may be able to get relief from this debt. This is another situation when it is important to have an attorney as other tax professionals may not be aware of this option.
  • IRS bankruptcy – This is something tax professionals will not consider. Bankruptcy can be very complicated, and it is very difficult to have tax debts discharged in bankruptcy. That is why you need experienced legal assistance.

Contact an IRS Debt Collection Lawyer

Has the IRS started seizing your wages or other assets to pay off tax debts? Are you overwhelmed and need help determining your options?

Phillips Law Group is here to help you get the situation under control. You do not need to be in a constant financial crisis simply because you have tax debt.

Schedule a free legal consultation to determine how our licensed attorneys may be able to assist you. Phillips Law Group has been helping consumers in Arizona for nearly three decades.

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