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Insurance Disputes and Claim Lawyers in Phoenix

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Feb 14, 2011 in Auto Accidents

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur every year, and more than 65,000 people are injured as a result of these crashes. Therefore, an enormous number of insurance claims are filed in the state annually in an attempt to recapture losses that were suffered. Anyone who faces this situation should seek the immediate help of an Arizona bad faith insurance lawyer before proceeding with an insurance company for many reasons. Taking this step can help not only to expedite the claims process but to protect your legal rights and help your chances of recovering a fair and proper settlement.

How to Dispute AZ Unfair Insurance Settlements

Despite the fact that we sign policies with insurance companies that are basically contractual agreements and we pay our premiums to provide ourselves with coverage for these sorts of situations, no one should assume that filing a claim with an insurance company is a simple and efficient process from start to finish. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations, which means that the fewer claims they pay and the less they encounter in terms of liability, the higher their profit margin and as a result their stock value will be at the end of the year. Despite assertions otherwise, this is generally what governs the priority list of any for-profit corporation.

How a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Can Help

In regards to the approach used by many insurance companies, there are some tactics that have emerged as more common than others. While the specific steps may vary to a degree, these tactics generally involve delaying the process for as long as possible so that the policy holder and/or injured person will become desperate for money to pay mounting medical bills and will therefore accept almost any offer. In essence, insurance companies will sometimes allow those who have been harmed to suffer financially in hopes of minimizing their own financial exposure.

Working with an Phoenix insurance dispute lawsuit attorney can help those who find themselves in this position avoid these stressful situations. Insurance companies tend to understand that these tactics will not work when an attorney is involved, and they also tend to realize that attempting to stall this process could lead to the immediate filing of a lawsuit. Therefore, if you or someone you love has been harmed in an Arizona car accident, you need to be sure that you're doing everything possible to protect your legal rights. Contact a Phoenix personal injury attorney at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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