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Information Wanted On Missing Tempe Teen

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jul 18, 2013 in Local

In a report by CBS5 AZ, a 19-year-old woman from Tempe is still missing, and police are asking for any information that may assist them in finding her.

Adrienne Salinas was last seen June 15 at a party with her sometimes boyfriend, Francisco Arteaga. According to the police report, Arteaga and Salinas got into an argument at the party and left, taking their disagreement back to his home in Scottsdale. Arteaga claimed that during the fight, he stepped out of the house for air and when he returned, Salinas was gone.

Arteaga went looking for Salinas, and found her walking along Indian Road, where he convinced her to get into the car with him. On his way back to the house in Scottsdale, Arteaga claims he stopped the vehicle at a red light, and Salinas promptly exited the vehicle, walking toward her apartment alone.

The story continues into the early morning hours, as Arteaga claimed to have received several text messages from Salinas, one of which read, Im coming over, although Salinas was not heard from after that and did not come to Arteagas home.

In some Arizona missing persons cases, those who were last seen with the missing person could be liable for negligent behavior, if injury or death to that person could have been prevented by the individuals they were with.

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