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Impending Minimum Wage Rise Highlights Number of People Working at that Rate

In 2006, Arizona passed a law that provided for a rise in the minimum wage designed to keep up with inflation. While this was and is still seen by many as a positive step, a review of the impending rise in the minimum wage also shines a light on just how many people are forced to work at this level of income. This revelation should alert anyone that there are many reasons as to why Arizona's economy is struggling and why so many people continue to suffer through extreme financial difficulties.

According to official records, the minimum wage in Arizona is set to rise to $7.35 per hour, which is a raise from the previous level of $7.25. Tipped employees such as table servers will see their minimum wage rise to $4.35 per hour, up from $4.25. When someone computes what this total means in real numbers, it shows that those who are working for minimum wage will see their income increase by a total of $200 per year. The real numbers involved with minimum wage workers highlights how even those who are employed on some level would have serious problems surviving at a reasonable level.

In addition, the statistics regarding how many people who are working for minimum wage provide a glimpse at just how many people are struggling even though they may not be included in the unemployment rate. While many would assume that those who work for this wage are students and young people, statistics indicate that approximately 75 percent of those who earn at this level are adults. In addition, those adults who work for minimum wage are parents to over 200,000 children in Arizona.

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