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Homicide Charges Need Serious Arizona Criminal Defense

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Oct 20, 2009 in Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime in Arizona is always a serious matter for everyone involved. Being charged with a homicide offense is as serious as it gets, as the defendant's life could be on the line if he or she is convicted of certain charges.

If you are being investigated for a homicide charge or you've been arrested for such an offense, you face the fight of your life and owe it to yourself to take every step humanly possible to build a strong defense. This all starts with securing the help of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. Below you'll see a few reasons as to why this is important.

1. Criminal Defense Perspective

An experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney will have a degree of perspective that's impossible to obtain without having several trials and other cases behind you to bolster your approach to such a stressful situation. Anyone who is charged with homicide of any type is obviously dealing with emotions that tend to detract from sound decision making, and this is no time for mistakes in judgment given the extreme consequences.

2. Phoenix Defense Strategy

The most important aspect of any homicide case is the strategy for the defense. Luckily, the Constitution guarantees the right to a defense, and depending on the facts involved, there could be several different options available to a defendant. However, the decision on a defense strategy needs to be made properly, because if the court rejects your defense it could destroy your entire case. You need experience and skill working with you to make that decision.

3. Arizona Criminal Defense Reputation

Arizona may be a populous state, but the legal community remains quite small, especially within the realm of criminal law. Therefore, your attorney's reputation will precede him or her in any case. This is critical for many reasons, not the least of which concerns the prosecution's approach given the defense attorney on the case. If you work with a serious criminal defense attorney, the prosecutor may be more willing to negotiate a plea if possible. This could save you from facing the ultimate consequence.

Ultimately, if you face a homicide charge in Arizona, your fate may rest in the hands of the decision you make regarding the attorney you hire. If you want to make sure you put your best foot forward, contact the Phoenix criminal defense attorneys at Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLCtoday to schedule a free initial consultation.


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