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Fosamax Leading to Fractures

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Sep 15, 2010 in Defective Drug

As the collective age of the population of the United States advances, the need for medications that help treat and prevent certain health conditions that those who grow older face is rising. One of those conditions is osteoporosis, a condition that's common in women who tend to face a risk for developing this condition after menopause. One of the leading medications that's been used in recent years to help treat and prevent osteoporosis is known as Fosamax, which is manufactured by Merck. Unfortunately, this medication has led to serious injuries in many women, prompting the need for help from Fosamax lawsuit attorneys. Below is a brief introduction to this growing problem.

Fosamax Was Developed to Strengthen Bones in Women

One of the common effects of aging in post-menopausal women is the loss of calcium. When someone loses calcium, her bones tend to become more brittle and less resistant to injury or even to breaks. Fosamax was introduced as a member of a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates. These medications are designed to help women strengthen their bones so that they are not as prone to breaks and other problems associated with osteoporosis. For some time, Fosamax was well received and was highly prescribed. Unfortunately, reports of serious Fosamax side effects eventually began to arise.

Fosamax Side Effects Lawsuits - Femur Fractures

After enough women has used Fosamax for more than five years, a troubling trend began to be discovered. This trend was for the tendency of women who had been using Fosamax for this period of time to suffer from fractures of the femur. The femur is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body, and it's commonly known as the thigh bone. These femur fractures did not occur in general as a result of violent collisions - women reported fracturing their femurs simply by walking down stairs or jumping rope. Doctors who had treated these women described the severity of these femur fractures as consistent with an injury that would be suffered in a car accident.

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