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Five Million Containers of Similac Baby Formula Recalled

For many families, baby formula is the choice for nutrition for their infants for many reasons. This market is enormous, and one of the more high-end products available to consumers is a product known as Similac, which is manufactured by corporate giant Abbott Labs. Unfortunately for parents all over the United States, they will need to stop using Similac immediately as 5 million containers of this product have been recalled, effective immediately. This type of concern with a product that is ingested by infants is prompting calls for help to defective products lawyers all over the United States.

The Reason for the Similac Recall

Similac has been recalled because insect parts and larvae were found in the formula, and the FDA has helped with the announcement so that parents can be notified before feeding potentially contaminated formula to their babies. Specifically, a routine quality check at Abbott Labs' manufacturing facility in Michigan revealed that beetles and their larvae, or hatch-lings, had somehow gotten into batches of this formula that had made its way into the final product containers and onto retail shelves across the country. The potential problems that could arise as a result of ingesting this contaminate formula so far are limited to upset stomachs and the loss of appetite, but everyone involved is attempting to handle this problem early on before much more serious injuries result.

Those who are concerned about whether their lot of Similac baby formula has been recalled can check this link to find out if their products have been affected, but Abbott Labs and the FDA are urging anyone who has purchased these products recently to immediately stop using them and to contact the company for a refund.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by this or any other defective product, seek the help of defective products lawyers who have been helping those injured for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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