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Baby Formula Recalls

For many families, baby formula is the choice for nutrition for their infants for many reasons. Unfortunately for parents all over the United States, manufacturers and regulators may not be doing all they should to ensure these products are safe and provide the nutrition infants need.

In August 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced almost 80,000 units of Able Groupe’s baby formula were recalled due to labeling issues and insufficient iron levels. While these products were manufactured in Europe, they were also distributed in the U.S. and sold on the Internet.  

There was an even larger recall back in 2010 when five million containers of Similac baby formula were removed from the market. Insect parts and larvae were found in the formula, according to the FDA.

Reason for the Recalls

According to the FDA, baby formula in the U.S. requires products with less than one milligram of iron per 100 calories to have a clearly marked label stating that more iron could be needed to provide sufficient nutrition for babies.

However, Able Group, the manufacturer of the recently recalled baby formula, failed to add proper labeling in English noting the insufficient levels of iron in the formula. While all 21 products did not have the proper label, only eight had insufficient iron levels.  

Similac recalled five million containers of its product because insect parts and larvae were found in the formula. A routine quality check at Abbott Labs' manufacturing facility in Michigan revealed that beetles and their larvae, or hatchlings, had somehow gotten into batches of this formula that had made its way into the final product containers and onto retail shelves across the country.

Possible Harm Caused by the Recalled Product

Without proper labeling of iron-deficient products, parents may not be aware that their child is not getting sufficient iron, which could lead to serious health issues, such as anemia or other illnesses caused by malnutrition. 

As for the Similac recall, the potential problems that could have arisen after ingesting the contaminated formula included irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and loss of appetite, according to the FDA.

What Products Were Affected?

According to the FDA, the products affected were only distributed via a website and were not available in retail stores. You can find the list of recalled Able Group products here.

The manufacturer of Similac, Abbott Labs, announced the formulas of concern are limited to the following:

  • Similac powdered 8-ounce formula
  • Similac powdered 12.4-ounce formula
  • Similac powdered 12.9-ounce formula

Abbott Labs maintains that no liquid formulas were affected.

Have Any Lawsuits Been Filed?

In 2010, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Abbott Labs in federal court in New Orleans a day after the recall was announced for the five million affected units. The lawsuit focused on the company’s failure to maintain adequate quality control measures in the factories where the baby formula was being produced.

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