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Is it Wise to Keep My House When Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

When people face difficult financial situations that deteriorate to the point where filing for bankruptcy becomes a real and potentially positive option, most have one question that dominates all others in terms of number of times it's asked: Can I and… Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona May be the Answer to Your Debt Problems

People all over the United States are feeling the results of the economic downturn that's led to the worst economic conditions in more than 70 years. In many ways, the people of Arizona have been hit particularly hard, as one of the main reasons for this… Read More

How Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona Will Affect Your Credit

More people in Arizona find themselves in serious financial now than ever before. With the job market suffering, the real estate market going through one of the worst periods in history and many other factors working against the people of Arizona, many… Read More

Difference Between Filing Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arizona

Even though the media is reporting on several different indications that the economy is improving, the fact of the matter is that many people in Arizona are still suffering through serious financial difficulties and they need help. One of the options… Read More

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Phoenix Arizona

When people are faced with financial problems that seemingly have no solution and no end, they often succumb to feeling of despair and even depression. These are normal emotional reactions to the realization that there are just too many bills to pay every… Read More

Do I Qualify for AZ Bankruptcy?

Many people who are suffering through serious financial problems consider filing bankruptcy in Arizona as an option for relief. While bankruptcy protection will provide an end-point in the short-term to the collection efforts that make every phone call… Read More

Consumer Guide to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arizona

When people experience serious financial problems, they generally do not see a way out from under the mounting stress, increasing number of collections phone calls and letters and the self-inflicted shame that can dominate their daily lives. Fortunately,… Read More

How Do I Find a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

If you find yourself mired in financial trouble that doesn't seem to offer you any way out, you're far from alone. More than a million people every year in the United States file for bankruptcy protection to end the harassment from creditors and to provide… Read More

Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster Could Devastate Businesses

When man-made catastrophes strike, the fallout can range far and wide and lead to serious harm to people and businesses that was never thought to be possible before the worst-case scenario became a reality. Unfortunately for countless people who depend… Read More

Can I Go to Jail for Filing Bankruptcy?

Fear is one of the dominant emotions when someone is experiencing financial difficulties. This fear comes from a foundation of shame and embarrassment for being behind on bills, from intimidation based on the sometimes extreme threats made by creditors… Read More

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