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6 Year Old Boy Hit by Car in Phoenix

Three children were crossing a busy thoroughfare Wednesday morning when a car hit a 6-year-old. The boy was running across Van Buren Street nearby 20th Avenue and was struck when barley reaching the curb. a bystander called the officers who were in the… Read More

Boy Dies in Phoenix Accident

On Wednesday, Damian Figueroa, a 10-year-old boy died in a Phoenix car crash. Figueroa was sitting in the passenger seat of Toyota Corolla driven by his dad when a Nissan Pathfinder ran a stop sign at 45th Avenue and Indian School Road. Damian also had… Read More

How to Find an Arizona Insurance Dispute Lawyer

When people are injured and they need help to pay for the damages they incur as a result, they often turn to their insurance companies and file a claim for coverage. Many people in this position do so with a high degree of confidence, as they have been… Read More

Documents To File In A Phoenix Bankruptcy Case

For people who are suffering financially and who are not sure where to turn for help, there are options available. One of those options is filing for bankruptcy protection so that the collection efforts can stop and those who are working through these… Read More

Food Poisoning and Food Contamination Lawsuits in Arizona

Of all of the vendors that the people of Arizona trust explicitly, perhaps none are more trusted than those who sell us our food. This is somewhat strange when one considers the fact that few if any of us actually know the people who feed us. However,… Read More

Retain Assets With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Arizona

The economy in Arizona is suffering despite some pieces of news that indicate that things are beginning to trend towards the positive. Even if that's the case, the damage has been done to countless residents of the state by way of a flagging jobs market,… Read More

Our Attorney Debt Negotiation Services May Avoid Arizona Bankruptcy

When people face serious financial difficulties, many of them tend to simply hope that a solution will present itself. As anyone who has taken this step understands, these situations will not resolve themselves. One of the reasons for this natural hesitation… Read More

Liability and Lawsuits For Phoenix Commuter Train Injuries

Many people in Phoenix make use of different forms of public transportation in order to get to and from their destinations on a regular basis. One of the more popular choices in regards to public transportation is the Valley Metro train, which moves through… Read More

Fees and Payment Plans for Filing Arizona Bankruptcy

When people find themselves in serious financial trouble, many of them will hesitate to seek the help they need from experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyers because they fear that they will not have the funds necessary to pay the legal fees. Simply put,… Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Consumer Debt Protection in Arizona

Anyone who is at all familiar with life in general in Arizona understands that the economy here is suffering at historic levels. With the combination of factors that include a high unemployment rate and a real estate market in the throes of its own drastic… Read More

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