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Arizona Pain Clinic Offers Same Day Visit Program

Car accident victims in Arizona now have an option for same day care with Arizona Pain Specialists, which has locations in both Phoenix and Scottsdale. When a motor vehicle collision occurs, many accident victims in Arizona find in difficult to find a… Read More

Veterans Day Highlights Government Support

Each year, Americans across the nation spend an entire day recognizing the amazing accomplishments, sacrifices, and service that all veterans in the United States provide. As these veterans return home from service, they often find themselves at a loss… Read More

Arizonas Humane Society Project Safe House

When a crisis occurs in Arizona, families quickly run to ensure that the members within the family are safe and secure, free from harm. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, it is often those who cannot speak for themselves who get left behind, the animals.… Read More

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Recognizes Phillips Law Group for Donation

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic organization whose mission involves leading women and men in the community to join together in spiritual growth through services for the needy and suffering members of society. Referred to as Vincentians,… Read More

Arizona Resident Dies in Bike Race

The LoToJa annual bicycle race is something that those who live in Wyoming look forward to each year. In fact, the bike race has garnered attention from bicyclists outside of state, as cyclists from surrounding states have started to participate in this… Read More

Arizona Resident Pays Big for Scorpion Sting

Scorpions have deadly potential when it comes to their ability to inject serious nerve poisoning into its victims bodies. According to KPHO-TV, upwards of 8,000 scorpions stings occur each and every year. While these predators are small in size, they… Read More

Almost 400 DUI Arrests In Arizona Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is known for sun, fun, relaxation, and a little too much partying. Arizona, like so many other states, did its fair share of partying this past weekend. Unfortunately for Arizona residents, however, many of them took the party too far. Arizonas… Read More

Arizona Debates Red-Light Camera Option

As more buzz circulates the red-light camera debate in Arizona, residents across the state have taken sides about the consequences of this city to city change. While each city must determine the potential risks and rewards associated with implementing… Read More

Small Turtles Carry Salmonella

Most Arizona residents would assume that small turtles are seemingly harmless. However, recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have proven these assumptions wrong. Across the United States, small turtles have been spreading… Read More

Rural/Metro Corporation Receives ADHS Certification

Rural/Metro Corporation, a company providing emergency and non-emergency ambulance and fire protection services all over the United States, received special recognition in Arizona last week. Rural/Metros Arizona family includes Southwest Ambulance, Rural/Metro… Read More

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