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Tuscon Police Officer Fired After Pointing Gun At Store Clerk

A 23 year old off duty Tucson Police officer has been fired after pointing a gun at a convenience store clerk on Tuesday. The off duty officer was drunk when surveillance cameras caught him pointing the gun at the clerk multiple times. When police arrived… Read More

Information Wanted On Missing Tempe Teen

In a report by CBS5 AZ, a 19-year-old woman from Tempe is still missing, and police are asking for any information that may assist them in finding her. Adrienne Salinas was last seen June 15 at a party with her sometimes boyfriend, Francisco Arteaga.… Read More

Aviation Accidents

On average, 11.5 people are seriously hurt in a U.S. air carrier-related accident each year; approximately 72 are killed, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Of course, there are thousands more taking to American skies in other… Read More

Asiana Airlines Plane Crash in San Francisco

Our attorneys can only imagine the unspeakable terror that must have gripped the 300 + passengers aboard Asiana Flight 214 as the tail of the plane hit the runway at San Francisco International Airport, sending the fuselage spinning out of control. The… Read More

FMLA Protects Rights Of Arizona Delivery Driver

In April, a phoenix judge ruled that the employer of a man who was let go following his approved and protected leave of absence must offer him back wages and reinstatement under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Sparkletts, the claimants Atlanta,… Read More

Scottsdale Surgeon Will be the First Person To Use Google Glass During Surgery

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gil Ortega, will be first surgeon to use Googles latest technology to record and stream knee repair surgery. Google glass is a hands-free computer, worn like eyeglasses, that allows a person to perform a variety of tasks through… Read More

Gilbert Pedestrians & Cyclists to Get More Crosswalks in Next Few Years

Residents who use the Gilbert trail system to get around will have more crosswalks available to them within the next few years. In mid-June the Gilbert Town Council voted to accept a $750,000 federal grant in addition to the towns own $50,000 funding… Read More

Arizona Traffic Fatalities Rising

The National Safety Council recently announced an approximated 5 percent increase in the number of traffic fatalities in Arizona last year. Additionally, the number of teen driving traffic fatalities has increased as well, raising serious concerns throughout… Read More

Judge Suspected of Driving Under the Influence

Joseph Lodge, a Coconino County Superior Court judge, has recently been moved to non-judicial duties. The change comes as a reaction to the phone call in which the Flagstaff Police Department received a couple days prior about a driver behaving in a seemingly… Read More

Warning for Cake Lovers

Those who love to bake cake in the state of Arizona must be careful before picking out the type of gumpaste used to decorate their baked goods. Gumpaste, the sugar used to decorate many of the intricate cakes baked today, is being recalled in several… Read More

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