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Are U.S Consumers Ready for Driverless Cars?

As technology continues to flood the lives of Americans some of us are still waiting for hoverboards while others look forward to driverless cars. In 2005 a project by a team at Stanford that included a Google engineer created the first robotic vehicle.… Read More

New Information Arises During NTSB Probe of Fatal Asiana Plane Crash

Although it was fairly well-known that the veteran pilot flying the Seoul-based Asiana was being trained on flying that aircraft when it crashed into a seawall in 2009, new information has been released. According to documents the pilot was nervous about… Read More

Find a Local Driving School

In Arizona, there are several governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and private schools that offer defensive driving schools in order to enhance the publics driving skills. Defensive driving is intended to save lives, time, and money by instructing… Read More

Strangest Laws

Creating new laws is often a strange and difficult process, yet has been in effect for centuries. As a result, there are some peculiar laws which may have made sense at one point in time, but now seem silly and unreasonable. There seems to be no state… Read More

Phillips Law Group Takes Part in Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Over the weekend, Phillips Law Group participated in Walk Now for Autism Speaks in order to help find the missing pieces for autism. Autism is the second most common developmental disorder in the United States affecting one in every 88 children born today. The… Read More

ASU Blanketed By Sheriffs Over the Weekend

On Saturday evening there were several DUI arrests by the Maricopa County Sheriff Department and several other law enforcement agencies throughout the area. This is all in order to crack down on underage drinking and excessive partying associated with… Read More

Tempe Police Make More Than 1,400 Arrests During 'Safe & Sober' Campaign

The Tempe Police have announced that their Safe & Sober campaign which was conducted over the past three weekends led to more than 1,400 arrests. The campaign kicked off in mid-August and an involved numerous police departments around Arizona including… Read More

Local DMV Locations

Here at the Phillips Law Group, our attorneys believe that driver education is the first step in keeping our roads safe. The local division of motor vehicles is often the first resource in educating new drivers and those who require continued education. In… Read More

Free Admission to Grand Canyon August 25

In celebration of Founders Day 2013 the Grand Canyon National Park Service is waiving the entry fee to all visitors. August 25 marks the day the park become the first in the world of its kind. Arizonas national treasure became part of the National Park… Read More

Tuscon Police Officer Fired After Pointing Gun At Store Clerk

A 23 year old off duty Tucson Police officer has been fired after pointing a gun at a convenience store clerk on Tuesday. The off duty officer was drunk when surveillance cameras caught him pointing the gun at the clerk multiple times. When police arrived… Read More

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