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What You Need to Know about Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Oct 08, 2009 in Local

As the economy continues to be mired in the worst recession since the Great Depression, thousands of people continue to struggle greatly with their finances. These struggles have become so severe for many that they are at the point where they are simply unable to meet their monthly obligations. There are many reasons for this situation, and almost all of them are tied to the economy - loss of jobs, plummeting property values, skyrocketing mortgage payments - it seems that almost everyone has some sort of financial stress present in their daily lives. As a result, many people are turning to skilled Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers for help, and below are just a few considerations to keep in mind as you consider filing bankruptcy in Arizona.

1. You Are Far From Alone - Arizona Bankruptcy

A quick perusal of the statistics regarding bankruptcy filings in Arizona should immediately tell anyone who sees them that the rate of filings is on the rise. Based on an annual comparison for the number of filings between January 1st and July 31st of 2008 and 2009, the number of bankruptcy filings nearly doubled, from 9,785 in 2008 to 18,245 in 2009. This includes all individual and business bankruptcy filings, and when any negative statistic doubles, it's clear that most people are having problems.

2. Bankruptcy Is Not a Shameful Step

For many years, it seemed that filing for bankruptcy carried a negative, albeit unfair, connotation that attached to those who sought the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Court. However, bankruptcy is not a step that should bring shame to those filing, as it's an opportunity to obtain a fresh start and to regain the peace of mind that everyone deserves. The majority of those who file for bankruptcy protection do so because of factors mostly out of their control, and taking this step allows those who need the help to regain that control and to move on.

3. An Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Will Guide You Through the Process

Finally, if you need the protection of the bankruptcy court, you are only an email or a phone call away from obtaining the help you need to make sure that everything you need to do is done in preparation for your filing. Working with an Arizona bankruptcy attorney will provide you with the experience and skill necessary to make sure that you move through this process with the minimum amount of stress possible. If you are facing financial struggles that seem insurmountable, contact a bankruptcy attorney at Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLCtoday to schedule an initial consultation.

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