With Federal Express (FedEx) being one of the world's leading logistics suppliers, the likelihood of some of their vehicles being involved in an accident of some nature is quite high, simply due to the amount of vehicles that they have in service every day.

Associated primarily with their FEDEX Ground service, the trucking division of FedEx provides a host of distribution based logistics to customers throughout the United States - delivering both hazardous and non hazardous cargoes to residences and commercial facilities nationwide.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash that was caused due to the negligence of a FEDEX driver, the injury victim may be able to receive compensation for any costs associated with the repair and recovery of that injury.

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Types Of Trucks That FedEx Operates

In an attempt to maximize the profit from their commercial vehicle fleet, FedEx is continually upgrading their vehicles to not only reduce emissions, but to also ensure that driver comfort and safety is a priority. This is largely attributed to the fact that many FedEx drivers will spend more than 10 hours per day behind the wheel.

With this is mind, the types of trucks FedEx currently operates can include (but are not limited to):

While most vehicles are in the Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy Rigid (HR) classification, they can also operate Heavy Combination (HC) in some centers.

FedEx And Electric Delivery Trucks

With an emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint of their truck fleet, FedEx has now also begun to operate all-electric trucks in certain delivery areas. Assembled in Indiana and designed by the Navistar trucking company, FedEx's range of electric commercial vehicles have been trialled in the streets of New York, and are slated to be seen delivering cargo to individuals and businesses in other cities throughout the US in the near future.

However, it's important to note that with this change, the noise emitted from all-electric vehicles is considerably less that that of a diesel powered commercial vehicle.

In some instances, Arizona residents that may have a hearing or sight disability may not be aware that a truck is approaching, which could potentially lead to serious personal injury in the event of them being hit with that vehicle.

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