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Federal Government Bans Drop-Side Cribs

Drop-side cribs have been lauded in recent years for their convenience and their supposed enhanced safety that allowed parents to place children into the cribs without having to balance them over the mattress. Unfortunately, several serious problems have arisen in conjunction with the use of these drop-side cribs, and these problems led to several massive recalls by different manufacturers. Now comes word that the federal government, in response to continued reports of injuries and deaths of children, has banned the manufacture, sale and resale of any drop-side cribs in the United States.

Officially, the announcement came from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which receives reports of problematic products. This ban comes in the wake of more than 9 million drop-side cribs being recalled in recent years, and these products have been linked to at least 32 infant deaths and are suspected in more than a dozen other cases. This announcement comes as lawsuits are continuing to be filed on the basis of wrongful death and because of other injuries suffered.

The basic problem with these cribs is that the cribs' drop sides can be pushed out from the inside when the infant rolls over, and as a result the child can become trapped between the edge of the mattress and the outside of the crib's frame. Children who become trapped in this position can suffocate, as many have, and can suffer other severe injuries if they are not discovered quickly and moved from this position.

Arizona Defective Products Lawyers

While this announcement comes as a relief to many grieving families, it does not undo the damage that's already been done. Those who are still using these cribs should take immediate steps to remove this danger, and those who have suffered as a result of the use of these drop-side cribs should still exercise their legal rights. The first step towards doing so can be accomplished by contacting the defective products lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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