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FDA Recalls Nearly 500 Cold and Allergy Prescription Drugs

The United States Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, exists to act as a safeguard between manufacturers of foods and medications and the public that consumes them. While their process is generally all-encompassing in terms of approving products for sale in the United States, there are times when some products will slip through the cracks and be sold without the agency's approval. Yesterday, the FDA attempted to correct one of those issues when it announced that nearly 500 different prescription products that have been used to treat common colds and allergies were being recalled immediately.

These products have been sold in the United States for many years, and many of these products existed before the current FDA approval process was ever put in place in 1962. Therefore, most people simply assumed that they had obtained the necessary approval to be used. Doctors were among many of these people, and it's probable that many of them have prescribed these medications without realizing that they had not been reviewed or regulated. The FDA is attempting to get the word out to anyone who is using any of them to stop doing so.

These nearly 500 products that were pulled include medications that a large number of people have used over time, including such relatively familiar names as Lorane, Cardec, Organidin and Pediahist. The issue with these products is not that they are necessarily defective and dangerous as they are currently constituted. Instead, the FDA simply does not know what the ingredients are in these medications, and this lack of knowledge can prove to be dangerous for those who use them, particularly if they are young children or older people.

Arizona Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

Clearly, consumer patients who fill prescriptions written by their doctors have every reason to assume that the medication that they are being prescribed has met the basic standards for placement on the American market. Therefore, anyone who has or who could be harmed as a result of using them would have no idea as to the risk involved before consuming them. Therefore, the FDA is taking immediate action to make sure that these medications are no longer prescribed.

If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of using these or any other defective medications, you need to seek the help of Arizona defective drugs lawyers who have been holding manufacturers of these dangerous products accountable for many years. Contact the Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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