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Fault in Arizona Stop Sign Intersection Car Accidents

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Oct 10, 2010 in Auto Accidents

One of the most overlooked but complicated driving scenarios that people encounter every day takes place at intersections controlled by stop signs. Most of us have a level of experience where the rules and norms have become instinctive, but the fact remains that a high number of Arizona car accidents occur at these locations throughout the state. For those who have been injured in these types of collisions, assigning fault can be difficult, and this process should be done with the help of experienced car accident lawyers. Below is a brief overview of how one can attach fault to a driver who causes an accident.

Arizona Stop Sign Intersection Accidents - Rebuild the Scenario

The first place to start in attaching fault to a driver who causes an accident is rebuilding the scenario that led to this unfortunate result. Generally, right-of-way in these locations is determined by which party gets to a stop sign first. That person is supposed to be able to proceed through the intersection after coming to a full stop, but many times drivers will not be paying attention to this order and will simply proceed assuming either that they were next or that other drivers will simply allow them to continue. While it can be difficult to remember the moments that came before someone was injured, the analysis of the situation starts with this process.

Witness Statements in AZ Stop Sign Accidents and Our Phoenix Injury Attorneys

After an Arizona car accident occurs, the usual course of action is for police to report to the scene in order to manage the aftermath. Part of their job is to gather information about what caused the accident and to generate a report of it. This report could be critical in terms of attaching fault to a negligent driver, and it should be located as soon as possible. In addition, names of witnesses who may have seen the collision should also be collected so that their recollection of the events can be gathered and applied to the situation and to the relevant traffic laws.

When these processes are complete, a decision can be made whether or not to move forward with a legal claim. Rather than attempting to handle all of this by yourself, seek the help of experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers if you or someone you love has been injured. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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