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Documents Revealed Regarding Toyota's Knowledge of Problems

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 12, 2010 in Defective Products

Generally, when massive recalls are initiated and products liability cases are filed, the defendants in the matters will claim that they had no prior knowledge of the defects in question. Sometimes, this is the truth. Unfortunately for Toyota and for millions of consumers, sometimes it is not. The existence of evidence of knowledge of dangerous defects and the dangers they caused can lead to proof that a defendant in this sort of situation had the intent to continue disseminating dangerous products.

Recent news has revealed that Toyota may have had this knowledge and perhaps intent regarding its defective vehicles, which will only add to the evidence that Toyota recall lawyers are compiling against the company.

The Specifics Regarding Defective Toyota Vehicle Awareness

As is regularly the case, a former employee of Toyota is in effect blowing the whistle on the company. A former in-house defense attorney with the enormous auto manufacturer has come forward with thousands of documents that appear to prove that the company was aware of problems with its product but chose to hide them instead of turning them over to plaintiffs in prior cases that were filed under the theory of products liability.

This is not only a potential ethics problem for attorneys who did not practice in good faith but could even lead to criminal problems for anyone who was involved with concealing these documents with the knowledge that more people could be injured or killed as a result.

What This Means for Toyota Recall Lawyers

While no two legal cases are ever exactly alike, this revelation if proven to be true could be the 'smoking gun' that Toyota recall lawyers need to prove that the Toyota vehicles that injured or killed consumers could easily have been removed from the market before they led to these disastrous results. In addition, proving intent in regards to releasing defective products onto the marketplace could lead to awards of punitive damages for plaintiffs who have been harmed by these vehicles.

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