Do I Need Representation From Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you even have to ask that question after an accident, chances are you need to consult with personal injury attorneys. In fact, one of the main reasons for a consultation is to find out whether or not you actually need representation. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys with Phillips Law Group can help you make the decision, but only after we understand the facts of your case.

Telephone consultations are available, or you can schedule an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys at our many Phoenix area personal injury offices. You can see our attorneys for free and they can help you decide the best approach to your case. Our Phoenix personal injury attorneys will also meet with you at your home or the hospital at no cost to you, and we can usually schedule a visit within two hours of when you contact us.

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

Our experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys at the Arizona firm of Phillips Law Group want to help you if you have been injured. We have offices in Phoenix, serving Tucson and communities throughout Arizona. Our attorneys are paid only if we win or settle your personal injury case and you collect. We have the experience and ability to handle major cases including very serious injuries or wrongful death and we have the financial resources to handle and fund these large cases appropriately. We advance all costs, interest free, while your case is pending (Although we advance costs, Arizona law requires clients to remain liable for costs regardless of outcome).

At Phillips Law Group, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys are highly committed to our clients and can be reached 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Because we value our relationship with our clients so highly, our attorneys are selective in the personal injury cases they take and base their selection on merit and subject matter. Our personal attention and comforting atmosphere puts our clients at ease as we direct them through the legal process.

Phoenix Injury Attorney

Since our Phoenix, Arizona law firm works on personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, we do not select our clients based on their ability to pay. From corporate executives to individuals on public assistance, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys are available to help those who are harmed by someone else's negligence.

We are a full service law firm and this includes help in many areas. We can refer you to a doctor or even help you find a rental car. We can answer your questions related to any aspect of your personal injury case. Find out why Phillips Law Group is one of the largest consumer law firms in Arizona. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Phoenix today and we can help you!

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