Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans

Dennis Evans is a Social Security Disability attorney at Phillips Disability law firm.

Mr. Evans came to Phillips Law Group after practicing with one of the largest disability firms in the nation.

Mr. Evans is licensed to practice law in the state of California, as well as nationally. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States to assist the disabled in obtaining their benefits.

Mr. Evans has a special place in his heart for those who are disabled, as several of his family members are unable to work due to their disabilities. Mr. Evans has seen his family members be denied the benefits they rightfully deserved. It was not until his family members sought legal help that they were finally able to obtain monetary compensation.

Mr. Evans' life experiences have helped him understand the needs of those who are seriously disabled. His experiences have also allowed him to gain insight into the SSD process, and how he can best serve each and every person he represents.

Mr. Evans received a Bachelor’s of Science degree with Cum Laude honors in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from California State University in Sacramento. He was able to graduate with honors while working full-time in a management position.

Upon graduating, he attended the University of San Diego’s School of Law. From there, Mr. Evans graduated with a Juris Doctorate and a LL.M in Taxation.

He is the proud father of three young boys and enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children.

Mr. Evans is an avid sports enthusiast, particularly when it comes to baseball. During the summer months, he can be found watching every baseball game that he can.

If you have been denied Social Security benefits, contact Dennis Evans today. 

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