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According to the National Safety Council, over 1 million motor vehicle accidents have occurred in the United States this year due to some form of driver distraction. As more and more distracted and unfocused motorists continue to enter the roadways in Arizona, the likelihood of an auto accident increases significantly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded 762 traffic fatalities in the state of Arizona in 2010. While this marked a slight decrease from the previous year, the rate of auto fatalities in Phoenix and other large cities remains worrisome. Driver distraction is consistently a major cause in traffic collisions every day on the roads in Arizona.

Due to hazards like distracted drivers and reckless motorists, defensive driving is an essential skill for all Arizona residents to maintain. Regardless of the specific situation, having a baseline of defensive driving skills puts you at less of a risk than another driver who is less conscious of their surroundings. Not only does defensive driving reduce the probability of a traffic collision, but the practice ensures that a heightened level of alertness is present at all times while on the road.

Being an aware driver puts you in a position to avoid a potential crash. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision due to someone elses negligence, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your losses.

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Defensive Driving Techniques

The U.S. Department of Transportation recorded 2.24 million people injured in 2010 due to traffic crashes. While a number of different factors certainly played a role in causing the many accidents that have occurred, drivers must understand that they have the opportunity to actually avoid a number of common collisions on the Arizona roads and highways.

With more and more distractions becoming readily available to the average motorist, the practice of defensive driving becomes imperative to safely navigating the Arizona roads. As such, Arizona drivers must follow these tips:

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving has become the leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States. Texting and driving, for instance, is a developing trend that continues to take the lives of drivers every single day. With this in mind, Arizona motorists must make every effort to refrain from using any cell phones, GPS devices, etc. that force their eyes off of the road, and thus, increase the likelihood of a collision.

Be Alert and Aware

Arizona drivers are expected to follow all traffic laws while driving on the roads and highways within the state. Beyond adhering to these regulations, drivers must remain alert while traveling from one place to another, regardless of distance. Remaining focused on the road and the surrounding vehicles will help to deter potential accidents. When a driver is alert they place themselves in a position to avoid unnecessary collisions.


Traveling on the highway can be frustrating for many motorists. Reckless drivers may travel too close behind, weave in and out of traffic, and create a dangerous situation for the other motorists on the road. As a result, keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you is essential. The two-second rule states that when traveling, the car in front of you should be at least two seconds of stopping space. An easy way to calculate the two second rule is to pick a large landmark while traveling, note the time at which the car in front of you passes such landmark, and then calculate the amount of time it takes you to reach this point. Keep in mind that the two second rule only applies when the weather conditions are favorable and traffic flow is steady. Driving distances must be adjusted when the weather is bad and/or when traffic is heavy.

Never Assume

Assumptions are some of the most common driving mistakes today. Unfortunately, others motorists have no way of predicting what other drivers on the roads are doing. As such, never assume that you know the intentions of another driver. Always anticipate the worst possible situation to be prepared in the event of an accident.

Plan B

When traveling on a busy road or highway in Arizona, drivers must always have a plan b in the back of their minds. While this should not take a large amount of thought, have an alternate path in mind can help motorists to circumvent a collision.

Turning Signals

One of the most abused driving laws in the state of Arizona occurs in the lack of use of turning signals. However, turning signals are the only means of communication when it comes to other cars on the road. With this in mind, drivers must always use turning signals to indicate intentions such as changing lanes or turning.

Seat Belts

Seat belts have saved thousands of lives in serious auto accidents. When a crash occurs, the use of a seat belt greatly increases the likelihood of survival. When traveling in Arizona, the driver as well as all passengers within the vehicle must be wearing a safety belt.

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Phillips Law Group understands the importance of defensive driving to increase safety on the Arizona roads. When an accident occurs, a Phoenix accident lawyer is an essential part of recovery. After a crash, the victims must deal with a number of hassles, from insurance companies to medical issues; we understand the pressure that you are under. With this in mind, a Phoenix accident lawyer will handle every aspect of the litigation process, leaving you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic collision, a Phoenix accident lawyer is here to help. Phillips Law Groups years of experience help seek justice for Arizona residents across the state. We believe the negligent drivers should be held accountable for the damages that they cause to innocent victims.

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