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Defective Products Blog Posts

Are Antibacterial Soaps Really That Effective? The FDA Isn't So Convinced

In an ongoing review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that ingredients in antibacterial soap are safe and effective, a new rule has been proposed that would require manufacturers to demonstrate how their products are safer and more… Read More

Five Suffered Severe Burns from Flammable Sunscreen

Five victims have been severely burned by a product meant to protect us from that very thing: sunscreen. The disturbing news accompanies a warning from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to exercise greater caution when using sunscreen sprays.… Read More

Ground Beef Recall in Arizona

Arizona residents must take caution before consuming ground beef. In response to the 16 people who have suffered illness due to salmonella food poisoning, the federal health officials have issued a warning to residents in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin,… Read More

B and D Foods Recall Meat Products

B and D Foods, an Idaho based food company, has recently issued a recall of about 35,000 pounds of meat, which is fully cooked. The meat is a mix of both chicken and pork and those Arizona residents who have purchased any food items from this company… Read More

Voluntary Recall for Ice Cream in Arizona

Arizona ice cream lovers must take caution before purchasing their next pint. Southwest Ice Cream Specialties, located in McKinney, Texas, has issued a voluntary recall of some of its Dulce de Leche ice cream containers. The company distributes this product… Read More

Subaru Recall for Vehicle Fire Hazard

Arizona residents who own a Subaru are warned of a massive recall of about 633,842 vehicles across the nation. Subaru made an announcement today that over a half a million of their vehicles may be at risk for a potential fire hazard. The small accessory… Read More

Arizona Recall on Pet Food

A total of 15 states, including Arizona, have been affected by the voluntary recall of pet food by Caroline Prime Pet, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips. The company released a statement to the public… Read More

Recall on Packaged Carrot Chips

Arizona residents are warned to take caution before biting into their next carrot chip. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning as the California-based company, Bolthouse Farms, voluntarily recalls a small quantity of carrot chips. On… Read More

Arizona Residents: Check Your Lettuce

Residents all across the state of Arizona must be weary as they take their next bite of salad. A Northern California produce supplier is recalling romaine lettuce in Puerto Rice, Canada, and 19 states. The product company fears that the lettuce may be… Read More

Ford Escape Engine Fire Recall

The 2013 Ford Escape was recalled over concerns of engine compartment fires. The company is now accusing a supplier for the defective parts. Owners of 1.6-liter EcoBoost-Equiped Escapes were warned to stop driving their cars due to the possible engine… Read More

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