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Honda & Toyota Add to Takata Airbag Recall List After 7th Fatality Confirmed

Two large automobile manufacturers, Toyota and Honda, have expanded the number of vehicles added to their Takata airbag recall list. The expansion occurred after yet another fatality was reportedly associated with an apparent defect in the Takata airbag. Have… Read More

Takata Air Bag Recall Expands

This week, Toyota and Nissan issued a recall for an additional 6.5 million vehicles containing potentially faulty air bags from the Takata Corporation, according to The New York Times. Toyota had conducted tests and had learned that the air bags were… Read More

Auto Recalls Continue with Mitsubishi

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on May 10 that more than 130,000 Mitsubishi vehicles were being recalled due to safety concerns. The recalled Mitsubishi vehicles include: Lancer (2009-2011) Outlander(2009-2011) Outlander… Read More

Senate Passes New Whistleblower Bill

The U.S. Senate recently passed legislation that would allow the Department of Transportation to reward auto industry employees who report vehicle safety defects to the government, The Detroit News reported last week. The newspaper wrote that the bill,… Read More

General Motors Settles Ignition Switch Case

Brooke Melton was killed in a Chevrolet Cobalt when the ignition switch defects disabled her car's steering, brakes, and airbag systems. She died on a highway in Georgia in 2010. Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit and recovered $5 million in 2013.… Read More

Confidential Settlements Hide Information from Takata Victims

Takata Corp. has settled several lawsuits regarding its defective air bags prior to the claims revealing any damaging information in court. Takata entered into at least five confidential settlements, and is in mediation with others. The claims regarding… Read More

Stryker Corp Agrees to Pay More Than $1.4 Billion To Settle Hip Claims

Stryker Corporation, the makers of Rejuvenate and ABG II brand artificial hip implants, have agreed to resolve over 4,000 claims against the company for more than a billion dollars. The hip implants were recalled in 2012 after Stryker sent recall notices… Read More

NHTSA Investigates Honda After Airbag Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Honda Motor Co. for failing to report injuries and deaths related to recalled Takata airbags. The safety organization is requiring Honda to answer 34 questions under oath regarding the… Read More

GM Warns Corvette Drivers of Potential Legal Issue

General Motors, under fire for multiple vehicle recalls over the past year, has a new issue to worry about in its Corvette sports car. The Corvette, which retails at around $55,000, comes with a new safety feature called valet mode, which helps owners… Read More

General Motors Recalls Additional 3.16 Million Vehicles

Yesterday, General Motors announced a recall of 3.16 million additional vehicles, which brings the total number of vehicles recalled this year in North American to approximately 20 million. The new recall will bring in vehicle models from the years 2000… Read More

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