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Phoenix Debt Collection Harassment Lawyers Protecting You

With the tough economy, credit is becoming harder to come by. Consequently, there has been a significant increase of people experiencing varying levels of debt. Regardless of the amount of debt owed, no one should have to endure harassment from debt collectors. The Phoenix debt harassment attorneys at Arentz Law Group PLLC are here to help all Phoenix, Arizona residents who have experienced a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by a debt or bill collector.

Laws Against Debt Collection Harassment

Both federal and state laws are in place to protect consumers and put an end to the abusive practices of many debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) defines a persons rights when involved with a debt collector and defines consequences for the collector should they cross the line of fair business practice into harassment. Similarly, Arizona has its own law, the Arizona Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which outlines acceptable behavior for debt collectors as well as penalties should they not follow these guidelines, including fines and suspension of their registration to collect debts in the state.

Common Debt Collection Violations

Harassing conduct by debt collectors trying to collect consumer debts is a violation of both state and federal law. The following are some of the most common violations practiced by debt collectors:

  • Harassment; including, but not limited to, multiple phone calls, calling on consecutive days, contacting family, friends, employers or any other third party, repeated phone calls with no messages, and the use of automated dialers.
  • Use of threats; whether of potential use of law enforcement or physical threats.
  • Attempting to collect more money than what is owed, including late fees, higher interest rates or any other miscellaneous fee or cost.
  • Refusing to cease contact after the consumer has written and explicitly stated that they are refuting the debt.
  • Not providing written notice of the debt or failing to validate the debt.

Debt Harassment Litigation

Regardless of the amount of debt owed, if you or a loved one has been a victim of the abusive practices of a debt collector, there is legal action you can take and should contact a debt harassment attorney immediately. At Arentz Law Group PLLC, the Phoenix debt harassment lawyers are experienced in the litigation of collection harassment cases and have the knowledge and resources available to hold collection harassment offenders accountable for the harm they caused.

For more information about your rights or to schedule a no obligation consultation with a Phoenix debt harassment lawyer, contact the attorneys of Arentz Law Group PLLC today by completing the free case evaluation form on this page.

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