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Debt Collectors Using Facebook to Track Down Debtors

As the economy in Arizona continues to suffer, those who endure this historic recession on an individual level are also suffering tremendously. One of the many forms of fallout that occurs when people lose their jobs, face the prospect of losing their homes and have little if any opportunity to generate income is that payment of bills begins to fall behind. That's why one of the few industries in the United States that's experiencing growth is that of debt collection, as workers are needed to help track down those who owe money to different creditors.

As the world in general continues to evolve in a technological sense, bill collectors are making use of every potential tool available. One of the emerging tools that's being used is tracking down debtors on social networking Web sites such as Facebook, and this practice is coming under scrutiny from bankruptcy lawyers and legislators alike. There are a growing number of stories regarding people who have been contacted and harassed on Web sites like Facebook by bill collectors.

The legality of this type of approach is questionable, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a federal law that sets guidelines for proper bill collection methods, was enacted well before the Internet. Therefore, consumers have a new concern that goes beyond their phones ringing or their mailboxes being filled with threatening letters. They now must be wary of how much they allow themselves to be viewed by others in every setting that includes the Internet and other forms of media.

Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are one of the thousands of people in Arizona who is struggling to pay bills for any reason, you have a choice - either encounter more things to fear and avoid or take the first step towards putting an end to this fear and stress. That first step involves contacting an experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyer to review your financial situation to plot a course to recovery, whether that includes bankruptcy or some other approach.

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