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Defective Drug Blog Posts

FDA Sends Letter Requiring Bayer to Alter Marketing and Labeling for Yasmin and Yaz

Bayer Healthcare is one of the leaders and giants of the pharmaceutical industry. Two of its medications that have been released in recent years, Yasmin and Yaz, generated enormous amounts of revenue as they made deep penetration into the birth control market. These products have been marketed heavily and with slick messaging, but eventually as reports…

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Senate Report Brings Scrutiny to Avandia and FDA

Diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, is a difficult health condition to manage. It is also a medical problem that continues to grow in terms of its overall effect on the population. This growing need in recent years led pharmaceutical companies to research and develop medications designed to help people live normal lives. One of the leading innovations…

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Yasmin Side Effects Lawyers

Yasmin is a birth control drug that's come under fire from several different angles because of the growing number of reports of Yasmin side effects. When a drug leads to harm in many people who use it, the legal world refers to these matters as 'mass tort' litigation. The Yasmin side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group have been retained by several…

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FDA, European Drug Regulators Disagree on Meridia's Benefit

The obesity drug Meridia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, and the emerging reports of serious Meridia side effects have led to differing actions between entities charged with regulating the safety of prescription medications. Meridia is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, and it's been on the market in the United States since…

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FDA Adds Heart Attack Warning to Meridia Containers

Meridia now has a heart attack warning on the label. Obesity is a problem in the United States that seems to continually be getting worse. More and more people need help losing weight before any of the serious health problems that often accompany obesity begin to affect their lives. One of the most popular medications that's been used to help people…

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Meridia Comes Under FDA Scrutiny

The weight loss industry in the United States generates billions of dollars in revenue every year as Americans attempt to lose weight while not altering their busy lifestyles. While these products are offered in many different forms, one of the leading products offered via prescription for more than 10 years is known as Meridia. Meridia is a drug that's…

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Yasmin Lawsuits and Birth Control Side Effects

Birth control is an industry that reaches well into the billions in terms of annual revenue thats generated for companies of all types. Obviously, people have innumerable reasons for controlling and preventing unwanted pregnancies, and as the medical science field continues to advance itself by way of research and development coupled with slick marketing…

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