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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Arizona Arrests

The Phoenix, Arizona area criminal defense attorneys with Arentz Law Group, PLLC understand the stakes involved for defendants of a criminal prosecution. There are many differences between and civil case and a criminal case. The most important difference is that in a civil case, you may lose money, but in a criminal case, you can lose your freedom.

This is why Arentz Law Group, PLLC has attorneys who are experienced in criminal defense law. At the Phoenix area law offices of Arentz Law Group, PLLC, you will always receive representation from criminal defense attorneys who have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and the criminal code, and who are familiar with the judges and prosecutors.

Please take a moment to read more about the representationArentz Law Group PLLC has to offer. Then contact the Phoenix and Tempe area criminal defense attorneys withArentz Law Group PLLC to discuss your individual case.

Do I Need to Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys?

The answer is Yes! Criminal defense attorneys can help you understand what to do if you are arrested, how to deal with the criminal process and understand the rights you have as a criminal defendant. Criminal offenses are often very serious. You could be facing jail, prison, probation, fines, restitution or other sanctions.

AtArentz Law Group PLLC in the Phoenix and Arizona area, their criminal defense attorneys can help. They have experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help you through this difficult time.

At Arentz Law Group PLLC, their criminal defense attorneys have more than 250 years of combined experience in criminal law. They know what it's like to go to trial and are experienced in handling major felony cases. Each yearArentz Law Group PLLC represents clients faced with murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault, fraud and other serious felonies.

Arentz Law Group PLLChas twelve attorneys in their Criminal and DUI Defense Section who limit their practice to this area of law. They can help you if you have been arrested or are under investigation for any criminal offense.

If you are still not sure you need a lawyer, Arentz Law Group PLLC recommends that you call them to set up a free no-obligation office visit and speak with their criminal defense attorneys. They can answer your questions at no charge.

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How Do I Find Good Criminal Defense Attorneys?

It may seem difficult to select good criminal defense attorneys at first andArentz Law Group PLLC caution you against retaining the first attorney you meet. There are many criminal defense attorneys who do not limit their practice to criminal cases and some of these attorneys only handle a few cases a year. Some other criminal defense attorneys may be incompetent or inexperienced.

To find good criminal defense attorneys, Arentz Law Group, PLLC suggest that you ask the following questions:

  • Does your firm have criminal defense attorneys who are highly experienced in the defense of criminal cases?
  • Does your firm have criminal defense attorneys who limit their practice to criminal and D.U.I. defense?
  • Does your firm make promises as to the results that they can obtain? Beware -- this is something ethical criminal defense attorneys cannot do. Specific results cannot be accurately predicted.
  • Does your firm use a written flat fee agreement that includes trial if necessary? Or is the "fee" only a low initial retainer that does not cover the entire criminal case or prior investigation? (Our Fee Agreements cover all legal fees. Legal costs, however, are extra).
  • Will your firm actually handle the case or will you simply sign me up and refer me to other criminal defense attorneys or another law firm?

Arentz Law Group PLLCis one of Arizona's largest defenders of criminal cases. They presently have over twelve criminal defense attorneys who limit their practice to exclusively criminal and D.U.I. cases. They also have criminal defense lawyers who were former judges and several who were former prosecutors. Some of their other experienced attorneys have limited their criminal practice to defending the rights of the accused.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Phoenix, Arizona law firm ofArentz Law Group PLLC believe in an aggressive defense. They feel this is necessary because many of Arizona's criminal statutes are zealously enforced and provide substantial punishments.

Their criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting individual rights. They will not recommend that a client plead guilty to the criminal case originally charged unless, after their investigation, they believe such a plea would be in their client's best interest.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense or a DUI contact their criminal defense attorneys to set up a free private consultation. Again, please don't plead guilty. If you decide not to contact their firm, please seek the advice of other experienced criminal defense attorneys.

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How Can Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You?

At Arentz Law Group PLLC, their Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorneys have represented clients charged with many different criminal offenses. They handle tough cases in Federal, State and Juvenile courts including cases involving murder, rape, molestation, drugs, theft, fraud, embezzlement, weapons, sex crimes, vehicular manslaughter, domestic violence and driving under the influence. Their criminal defense attorneys also have obtained outstanding results in probation violation hearings and in criminal appeals.

Choose Arentz Law Group PLLC and the criminal defense attorneys that know how to get the job done. Because of their experience, their criminal defense attorneys understand what defendants are going through and they know how to get results.

During the early stages of your criminal case, their criminal defense attorneys develop strategies for defending your case. Early planning gives them a "jump" on the prosecution and gives them more time to conduct investigations, witness interviews, and legal research. They also know how to convey to the courts that, as their client, you must be viewed as an individual - not as just another file number on their busy court calendar.

Their service includes the management of your case and a strong commitment to attorney/client communication. Through the use of the latest communication technology, you will have 24-hour access to your criminal defense attorneys and case manager. They make sure you understand the details of your case and the progress being made every step of the way. Their clients appreciate the time our criminal defense attorneys spend reviewing their case, answering questions and giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

The goal of our criminal defense attorneys is to achieve the best results for our clients. Arentz Law Group PLLC in Phoenix employs many people in the criminal defense department including trial attorneys, case managers, case analysts, and investigators who are dedicated to the representation of our clients in criminal matters. They also have developed computerized research tools that provide quick access to all of the most current legal developments that help us win cases and court decisions.

If you even suspect a criminal charge may be filed against you, contact their criminal defense attorneys. By contacting their criminal defense attorneys before charges are filed against, they may be able to intervene and either prevent charges from being filed or possibly negotiate less serious charges instead. In the meantime:

  • Do not discuss your case or sign a statement without criminal defense attorneys present. Your discussions and statements are considered evidence and can be used against you.
  • Do not enter a plea without first obtaining legal advice from criminal defense attorneys, even for a minor offense. Depending on the offense involved, even a minor offense can have damaging consequences in the future, such as when trying to get security clearances or applying for certain employment.

Contacting the criminal defense attorneys with the Phoenix firm of Arentz Law Group PLLC can provide you with many advantages, including:

  • Telling your side of the story in a professional, objective manner. If presented with skill and sensitivity at the right time, your side of the story, if communicated well, can possibly result in reduced or dropped charges.
  • They might be able to help you get out of jail with a bail reduction or an O.R. release.
  • They might be able to help reduce penalties, fines, jail time, terms of probation and can request alternatives to probation.
  • They might be able to petition to set aside convictions or modify probation.

We have won cases in Federal, State, and Juvenile courts. Our criminal defense attorneys promise:

  • They will provide personal attention to your case
  • They will defend your case
  • They will protect your rights
  • They will keep you informed about your case every step of the way

Don't wait. Contact Arentz Law Group PLLC and their Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorneys to discuss your situation.

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Why Choose Criminal Defense Attorneys with Arentz Law Group, PLLC?

The Phoenix, Arizona area criminal defense attorneys with Arentz Law Group, PLLC know the importance of fighting a criminal complaint before charges are filed and the case goes to court. If you choose their criminal defense attorneys to represent you before charges are filed, they can provide you a pre-file investigation that can possibly influence the outcome of your situation in your favor.

What is a Pre-File Investigation?

If you have been contacted by a law enforcement agency but no charges have actually been filed and you retain the services of their criminal defense attorneys before you have been formally charged with a crime, they can provide you with a Pre-File Investigation. During a Pre-File Investigation, their criminal defense attorneys and support staff attempt to build your defense case and influence the prosecutor and law enforcement agency to view your situation in a light that is favorable to you.

What are the goals of a Pre-File Investigation?

The goals of a Pre-File Investigation are:

  • Prevent filing of a criminal charge against you if possible
  • If prevention isn't possible, reduce charges from felony to a misdemeanor.
  • Divert allegations into an informal resolution
  • Ease clients concerns about the criminal case
  • Keep clients apprised of their legal rights
  • Assist with surrender and avoid arrest

How their criminal defense attorneys prevent charges from being filed:

  • Bolster client's credibility with prosecutors and law enforcement agencies through the use of:
  • Private polygraph -- if the results are favorable, then they will be shared
  • Reference letters from community leaders, religious leaders, teachers, friends, etc.
  • Attack complaint credibility of the victim using the following tools:
  • Use other witnesses to question the reputation and truth of the victim
  • Unsubstantiated allegations against others made by the victim

If you have been charged with a crime or interviewed in the connection with one, contact the Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys withArentz Law Group PLLC today. The sooner you get them involved, the sooner they can help you.

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Arentz Law Group PLLCand Phillips Law Group, P.C. are separate independent law firms from other firms listed on this website. Phillips Law Group, P.C. handles only contingency fee cases. This includes automobile and vehicle accidents and all personal injury cases but we also handle medical malpractice, product liability, employment, wage and hour cases, Social Security disability and worker's compensation cases. Arentz Law Group PLLC handles only Criminal and DUI cases, as well as consumer Bankruptcy and Debt Relief cases, and Immigration Law cases.

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