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Homicide Charges Need Serious Arizona Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime in Arizona is always a serious matter for everyone involved. Being charged with a homicide offense is as serious as it gets, as the defendant's life could be on the line if he or she is convicted of certain charges. If you… Read More

How a Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You

Arizona Criminal defense attorneys are numerous, but finding a Phoenix criminal defense attorney who can help you involves a few simple steps. Of paramount importance, however, is making sure that these steps are taken quickly, as the longer you wait… Read More

Finding the Right Defense Lawyer

Being investigated for or charged with a crime in Arizona is an extremely stressful experience. The government is driven for many reasons to seek out and to obtain convictions for charges that are leveled against a defendant, and once the process starts… Read More

Finding a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

Being investigated for or charged with a crime is as serious a matter as anyone could face short of death or extreme illness in terms of stress and consequences. In short, there are few opponents more relentless and more resourceful than the government,… Read More

Arizona White Collar Crimes Fight These Serious Charges

White collar crimes can encompass several different acts, and among them are: Embezzlement charges in Arizona Tax evasion charges in Arizona Fraud charges in Arizona Money laundering charges in Arizona Forgery charges in Arizona Identity theft… Read More

The Nature of Fighting Drug Charges in Arizona

The War on Drugs officially began in 1973 under orders from President Nixon, and since that time more than $2.5 trillion has been spent in an effort to enforce the ever-expanding list of drug laws. Part of this war included the creation of the Drug Enforcement… Read More

Eligibility for Obtaining a Criminal Record Expungement in Arizona

If you have been convicted of a crime in Arizona, the corresponding entry on your criminal record will follow you around in a way that could limit your future in several ways. You may have trouble being hired for a job, you wont be able to own a gun and… Read More

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