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Contingency Fees Explained

At Phillips Law Group the Phoenix, Arizona, personal injury attorneys are paid only if we win and you collect. Our personal injury attorneys fight for the maximum possible settlement that you deserve.

Our policy is that our personal injury attorneys do not get paid for their services unless they win or settle your case. This guarantees that you will not pay us for our work unless you are compensated for your injury.

Since our firm uses contingency fees for accident and other personal injury cases, we do not select our clients based on their ability to pay. We therefore represent all types of people on all types of personal injury cases.

While Arizona law requires all personal injury attorneys to hold clients responsible for the expenses and costs required to process the case, we advance these costs, interest free, to help maximize the value of your claim and to relieve any financial burden on you. Please note that under Arizona law, personal injury clients must repay these costs regardless of the outcome of their case.

Our Phoenix, Arizona personal injury attorneys can represent you with no money up-front for fees, costs, or expenses. These monies will be removed from your settlement or award after the successful completion of your case. Legal fees are calculated as a percentage of what you recover before legal expenses and costs are deducted.

Please contact us to discuss representation by our Phoenix, Arizona personal injury attorneys on a compensatory fee arrangement.

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