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Class Action Lawsuits Blog Posts

Fisher Price Recalls 10 Million Toys Due to Potential Injury

Children's toys are an enormous market that's supported by consumers, and it generates billions of dollars every year for the leading companies who manufacture these products. One of these leading companies is Fisher Price, which is known around the world… Read More

Legal Positioning for BP Oil Spill Begins

As more information regarding the disastrous BP oil spill begins to surface, potential defendants in what is expected to be a massive amount of litigation are already making moves in an attempt to defend themselves and to at least indirectly limit their… Read More

The BP Oil Spill Blame Game Begins

The disastrous BP oil spill continues to spread, cause problems, prompt fears in the Gulf of Mexico business community and basically move ever closer to being the biggest man-made environmental disaster in the history of the United States. Earlier estimates… Read More

Don't Depend on Government to Help with BP Oil Spill Damages

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has led to a frenzy of activity on several fronts in regards to the businesses in the Gulf of Mexico region that will be harmed greatly when the spill reaches land. In many cases, such as with commercial fishermen,… Read More

Talk to a BP Oil Injury Attorney Before Filing Claims with Company

BP has been taking several steps to cover itself in the wake of one of the biggest oil disasters in recent history. There are many different levels of concern both for BP and the population that will be affected by this massive spill, and one of the main… Read More

Toyota Wants Claims Consolidated

When a company faces a litany of legal claims against it, it's common for the defendant to look for ways to make their problem simpler. One of those common strategies is to ask the court to consolidate claims into one central action. This strategy clearly… Read More

Reports of New Problems With the Toyota Prius Emerge

Toyota is a brand that's been taking a beating in recent weeks, and to date more than 8 million units have been recalled, mostly due to problems with the accelerator pedal sticking in an improper position. In addition, other reports have surfaced regarding… Read More

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