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Class Action Litigation

class action lawsuitWhen a company fails to protect the public from injuries and illness, the public may defend their rights with a class action lawsuit. What is a class action lawsuit? This type of lawsuit may involve one or several persons suing on behalf of a group of persons, which is referred to as “the class.”

Two factors are commonly present in class action lawsuits; the issue in dispute is common to all members of the class and the number of people affected is so large that it would be impractical to bring them all to court.

Phillips Law Group is focused on helping consumers obtain the compensation they deserve. The firm has achieved multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements, including a $23 million result in a defective drug case.

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Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Many class action lawsuits are a result of only one or a handful of people. However, if the product, pharmaceutical or deceptive practices may have affected hundreds more, the claim becomes a class action.

Some examples of class action lawsuits include:

  • Consumers affected by a defective product that led to an injury
  • Home or business owners affected by an environmental disaster such as an oil spill
  • Employees subjected to discrimination or lost overtime wages
  • Investors who lost their savings due to securities fraud
  • Consumers harmed by a dangerous medical device
  • Consumers who fell ill or died as a result of a dangerous prescription drug

Defective Products and Pharmaceuticals

Visit the dangerous drugs or defective products page for a full list of the potential class action lawsuits.

Class Action Lawyers

At Phillips Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in handling class action lawsuits in order to maximize the compensation victims receive. What’s happened to you and your loved ones is unacceptable and the party at-fault needs to be held responsible. Joining a class action lawsuit can help you fight for your rights.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dangerous drug or defective product, our firm offers free case evaluations to help you determine your legal options.

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