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Criminal Case Results September 2007

CAUTION: All legal matters have their own specific factual and legal circumstances that highly influence the result in each criminal case. The same results will not necessarily be obtained in similar cases. It is best to discuss your individual situation with one of our Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

AttorneyClientCourtCase TypeResults
CC SG Wellton Justice Possession of Marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia Case dismissed
CC JJ Phoenix City Assault; Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Arrest Diversion Program
DB DB Gilbert Municipal Extreme DUI Extreme dismissed; plead to regular DUI
DB LL Maricopa County Superior Possession of Dangerous Drugs TASC
WC HB Scottsdale City Criminal Speeding Client allowed to attend Defensive Driving School to dismiss charge
WC PK Scottsdale City Criminal Speeding Reduced to Civil
BD DC Cottonwood Municipal DUI DUI dismissed
AJ PC Mesa City Discharge of Firearm Community Service and charge will be dismissed
AJ MG Mesa City Assault; Disorderly conduct Case dismissed without prejudice
ML RW Prescott Justice Animal Cruelty Case dismissed at trial
ML BF Lake Pleasant Justice Operating a Boat while intoxicated Case dismissed
LM FB Lake Pleasant Justice Disorderly Conduct Found not guilty at Trial
DM MT Tempe Municipal Urinating In public Diversion, saved INS issues
JM MB Payson Court 2 counts DUI (drugs) Case dismissed and trial with prejudice
JS ML Maricopa County Superior Probation Violation Reinstated Probation; no jail
TS MW Maricopa Superior Forgery; Fraudulent instrument; theft obtain 2 years probation; no jail time
GT MZ Phoenix Municipal Extreme DUI Plead to DUI
DW DA West Mesa DUI Reckless driving with fine only, DUI charge dismissed

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