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Criminal Case Results August 2008

CAUTION: All legal matters have their own specific factual and legal circumstances that highly influence the result in each criminal case. The same results will not necessarily be obtained in similar cases. It is best to discuss your individual situation with one of our Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

CC .192 Extreme DUI Trial- Found Not Guilty
CC .210/.212 Extreme DUI 2nd Offense Failure to Drive in 1 Lane Received 1st Offense Regular DUI
BD .123 DUI Accident/ Endangerment Regular DUI; Endangerment Dismissed
BD .156 Extreme DUI Regular DUI
BD .238 Super Extreme DUI Extreme DUI w/ Mandatory Minimums
AJ .119 2nd Offense DUI Jail Fees Waived
AJ .097 DUI Reduced Jail Sentence
LM .183 Extreme DUI Regular DUI
LM .212 Super Extreme DUI Regular DUI
DM .201 Extreme DUI No Insurance Drove Over Median/ Improper Turn Plead to 1st Offense DUI
DM .220 Extreme DUI Regular DUI
DM .124 DUI Plead to Reckless Driving
JP .191 Extreme DUI Plead to 1 Day Jail
JP .150 Extreme DUI Regular DUI
GT .197 Super Extreme DUI Plead to Regular DUI

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