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Criminal Case Results August 2007

CAUTION: All legal matters have their own specific factual and legal circumstances that highly influence the result in each criminal case. The same results will not necessarily be obtained in similar cases. It is best to discuss your individual situation with one of our Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

AttorneyClientCourtCase TypeResults
CC OD W. McDowell Justice Court Extreme DUI Case dismissed
CC JR W. McDowell Justice Court DUI w/ bac .08 or more; DUI-Liq/Drug Combo; Extreme DUI; Endangerment Plead to Regular DUI w/ 1 day jail
DB RP Maricopa City Superior Aggravated DUI Pled to Endangerment
WC MB Scottsdale City Criminal Speeding Plead to civil speeding with fine
WC TE Globe Justice Assault Misdemeanor Case dismissed
DD GD Gilbert Municipal DUI Case dismissed
BD MB W. McDowell Justice DUI Case dismissed - client plead to reckless driving
BD CP Prescott Justice Extreme DUI Ext. DUI dismissed - plead to regular DUI
AJ JB Mesa City 2 Civil Traffic Tickets Found not responsible on each ticket
ML JZ Goodyear Municipal Shoplifting Case Dismissed
LL MP Scottsdale City Extreme DUI Regular DUI
LM RD North Valley Bad Checks Case Dismissed
LM SK North Valley DUI Reduced to reckless driving
DM CH Maricopa County Public Sexual Indecency, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia No jail time, no sex offender registration. No felony conviction, possession of drug paraphernalia dismissed
JM RM Sexual conduct with minor Client found not guilty
RP RH Maricopa County Superior Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon Found guilty of Disorderly Conduct
TS YL Mesa City Shoplifting Was able to obtain diversion for client
DW PB Apache Junction Domestic Violence - Disorderly Conduct Dismissed at Trial
DW SO W. Mesa Driving on Suspended License No Fine

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