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Criminal Case Results June 2007

CAUTION: All legal matters have their own specific factual and legal circumstances that highly influence the result in each criminal case. The same results will not necessarily be obtained in similar cases. It is best to discuss your individual situation with one of our Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

AttorneyClientCourtCase TypeResults
DB PF Maricopa County Superior Possession of narcotic drugs with 2 felony priors Plead to a first time Class 4 felony. Received 2 years supervised probation with 7 days jail.
DB MH Chandler City Leaving the scene of an accident Plead to charge and received a $250 fine with no jail and no license suspension.
DB RH Estrella Justice DUI Plead to reckless driving with no jail.
CC CF Maricopa County Superior Burglary - 3rd degree; Possession of burglary tools Case dismissed
CC BS Arcadia Biltmore Justice Assault/Failure to comply with a court order Successfully negotiated County Attorney's office from filing charges.
DD MH Chandler City DV Assault/Criminal damage Prosecution suspended. Client must complete anger management program and case will be dismissed in 6 months.
DD JG San Marcos Justice Extreme DUI with a prior Plead to a first offense DUI. Received 1 day jail; extreme DUI and prior dismissed.
DD LC Tucson City DUI/Baby DUI Plead to DUI and received 1 day jail. Baby DUI dismissed. Client received 90 day driver's license suspension instead of 2 years.
BDD LV West McDowell Justice Underage drinking and driving Underage drinking and driving dismissed. Client plead to civil speeding ticket. Saved 2 year driver's license suspension.
BDD DFC Phoenix City DUI with a prior State unable to prove prior conviction; client received 3 days jail instead of 30 days.
BDD MB   DUI/Implied Consent Client did not receive 1 year Implied Consent suspension. State wanted 2 days jail, but client only had to serve 1 day jail.
AJ RD Mesa City DV Assault Client to participate in diversion program and upon completion, case will be dismissed.
AJ DH Mesa City DUI/Implied Consent 1 year Implied Consent suspension voided.
LM DL Glendale City Shoplifting Case dismissed.
LM BH El Mirage City DUI Plead to open container charge and paid $300 fine.
LM JD Surprise City DV Disorderly Conduct Client went to trial and found not guilty.
LM MM Glendale City .366 Extreme DUI; accident; uninsured; priors, including felony DUI/license revoked. Plead and received 35 days house arrest; jail costs waived before State learned of revocation.
DM SB Tempe City DUI Plead to reckless driving.
DM PS University Lakes Justice DUI Plead to reckless driving, no jail. No drug abuse/alcohol abuse notations on criminal record.
DM JP Globe Regional Justice Extreme DUI/Implied consent Plead to misdemeanor DUI and received no ignition interlock device and 1 day jail instead of 10. Won MVD hearing on the merits and got a 90 day suspension instead of 1 year.
DM GI Tempe City 2nd offense DUI Plead to first offense DUI. Saved client from 28 days of jail time and possible deportation.
JM AC Maricopa County Superior 3 counts forgery - Class 4 felonies Plead to an open Class 6 felony and was released from custody.
JM AO Maricopa County Forgery - Class 4 felony Plead to an open Class 6 felony with 1 year supervised probation and no jail time.
JM PF Pinal County Superior Vulnerable adult abuse - Class 2 felony Plead to charge and although State requested 3 years prison client was sentenced to 7 years probation with no jail.
JM JG Maricopa County Superior Possession of cocaine for sale Plead to possession of drug paraphernalia (Class 6 open felony). Probation granted.
JAS SS Gilbert Police Prefile - misdemeanor assault No reasonable likelihood of conviction.
JAS AG MVD Driver's license reinstatement. Driver's license approved
TS JB Maricopa County Superior 2 counts Aggravated DUI - Class 6 felony. Sentenced to 1½ years probation.
TS RS Maricopa County Superior Aggravated DUI/Endangerment/Leaving the scene of an accident/DUI/.08 or above Sentenced to 1 year probation and 1 day jail. All other charges dismissed.
GT MC Phoenix City Assault Case dismissed
GT JM Phoenix City Extreme DUI Case dismissed at trial.
GT HV Phoenix City Shoplifting Plead and upon completion of diversion program, case will be dismissed.
DW JM Chandler City Reckless driving and no Arizona driver's license. To be dismissed if law abiding for 6 months.
DW JL Chandler City Open container of alcohol. Dismissed.
DW MS Mesa City DV Assault with physical injury Dismissed at trial. Statute of limitations expired.
DW AM West Mesa Justice DUI; failure to provide breath sample; no Arizona driver's license; and following too closely. Plead to following too closely (civil); Dismissed DUI and other charges.
MY TS Maricopa County Superior Plead guilty to computer tampering and sentenced to probation in Maricopa County. Filed motion for early termination of probation and designation of offense as misdemeanor granted.
MY JH Pinal County Superior Possession and production of marijuana for sale (over threshold); Possession of dangerous drugs; possession of drug paraphernalia; and child abuse. Best offer on case was plea to possession of marijuana for sale and child abuse. Following extension discovery and motions to preclude evidence that marijuana was a threshold, plead to possession of drug paraphernalia as first strike Prop 200 offense.

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