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Criminal Case Results February 2008

CAUTION: All legal matters have their own specific factual and legal circumstances that highly influence the result in each criminal case. The same results will not necessarily be obtained in similar cases. It is best to discuss your individual situation with one of our Phoenix, Arizona criminal attorneys. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

AttorneyClientCourtCase TypeResults
BD RH Prescott Valley Extreme DUI, .236 blood Reduced to Regular DUI, Extreme DUI dismissed. Reduced fines; No interlock device
DM RS Tempe Municipal DUI, over .08, Extreme DUI, Speeding Got extreme DUI down to Regular DUI. Less jail, and lower fines.
DM MW Tempe Municipal DUI, DUI over .08, Fail to drive in 1 lane, No proof of Insurance, No proof of registration All criminal/DUI charges dismissed. Plead to 2 points, no jail and greatly reduced fines.
JS FL Phoenix Municipal DUI Case dismissed
JS RM Maricopa County Superior Aggravated DUI Case dismissed
LM DW Glendale City Civil Speeding Case Dismissed
CC OI Surprise City DOSL; Assault; Disorderly Conduct Case Dismissed
WC JG Scottsdale City Extreme DUI, DUI, moving violation Plead to DUI, Reduced Jail, remaining charges dismissed
WC JM Scottsdale City Operation of vehicle without interlock Case dismissed
JP CB San Marcos Assault, Theft of Services Case dismissed
JP DR Gilbert DUI, failure to control vehicle DUI dismissed. Defensive driving school for civil traffic offense
LL CG San Tan Justice DUI - Drugs Regular DUI, No one year suspension
LL PS Chandler City Extreme DUI Regular DUI, 3 days jail
TS SW Maricopa Superior Aggravated DUI Case dismissed

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