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Phoenix Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers

Phoenix Carbon Monoxide Poisoning AttorneyCarbon monoxide poisoning can cause life-changing injuries and even death, depending on the duration and amount of exposure. When people are exposed to this toxic gas because of another’s negligence, they or their loved ones may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

However, these cases are complex and proving negligence requires a detailed investigation that takes a significant amount of time and resources to complete. At Phillips Law Group, we have the resources, legal knowledge and experience to take on these cases. Our firm has nearly three decades of experience representing more than 155,000 consumer clients and recovering millions in compensation.

Our founder Jeff Phillips is a member of the exclusive National Trial Lawyers Association – Top 100 and the National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers – Top 25.

Our Phoenix carbon monoxide lawyers take cases on contingency, which means we do not charge upfront fees for taking your case and there are no fees while working on your case.

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How an Experienced Lawyer Benefits Your Case

Establishing that an injury was caused by another’s negligence is a complex undertaking. Not only do you need extensive knowledge of the law, but also the resources and knowhow to gather evidence to build a strong case. In a carbon monoxide case, you may also need to bring in medical experts and other types of experts to help validate your claim.

Injury victims should not take on these challenges alone, particularly when facing an at-fault party that may be throwing a lot of money and resources at the case. Victims in these cases may be eligible to seek significant compensation, which means the at-fault party is going to fight hard to deny or devalue your claim. 

You have the option of working with a licensed attorney who will be focused on your best interests and can handle the legal process on your behalf.

The attorneys at Phillips Law Group know how to investigate and build strong cases, because that is what we do every day. We have been securing favorable compensation for those injured due to  negligence for decades.

Do I Have a Valid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case?

This is a question our attorneys will need to consider in a free consultation, as there are many factors at play. For example, we need to consider how you or your loved one were exposed and how another party may be liable for that exposure and resulting injuries.

Carbon monoxide is emitted by combustion engines fueled by gasoline, oil, charcoal or kerosine. Burning these substances causes carbon monoxide to be released into the air.

Combustion engines can be found in various vehicles and appliances, including:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Portable generators
  • Furnaces
  • Hot water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Stoves, including gas and wood-burning stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Space heaters

Typically, it is only when there are leaks that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide get out. When leaks are a result of defective components, poor maintenance, or negligence during manufacturing, other parties may be liable for injuries that result. Other parties may also be liable for poorly constructed ventilation to keep this gas away from people.

These other parties may include:

  • Product manufacturers that made the engine that leaked the gas
  • Property owners/landlords who failed to address leaks
  • Companies responsible for repairing or maintaining combustion engines
  • Others in the supply chain whose negligence may have caused the release of carbon monoxide

There are various other factors our Phoenix carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers may need to consider when trying to validate your case.

It costs nothing to meet with an attorney to discuss your claim.

No upfront fees. Call Phillips Law Group: 1-800-706-3000.

What is a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case Worth?

Our attorneys are prepared to file a wrongful death case to pursue compensation for your loved one’s estate and damages suffered by surviving family members.

Claims for the decedent’s estate are called survival claims and they generally include the following types of compensation:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Burial expenses
  • Medical costs paid by the deceased prior to his or her death
  • Pain and suffering prior to the decedent’s passing
  • Lost wages and earnings
  • Punitive damages in cases of egregious negligence

Survival claims may be brought by the personal representative of the deceased. If the claim is successful, compensation is paid to the estate and distributed according to the deceased’s will.

A wrongful death claim is meant to provide compensation for damages suffered by the surviving family members. This may include:

  • Pain and suffering experienced by loved ones
  • Lost care
  • Lost guidance
  • Lost companionship
  • Loss of household services the deceased would have provided

If you or your loved one suffered a severe injury from exposure to carbon monoxide, our attorneys are prepared to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for past and future damages created by your injuries.

For example, we may be able to seek compensation for medical treatment your loved one has already received and may need in the future. This could include things like:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Prescription medication for brain or heart complications
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Appointments with doctors
  • Stays in the hospital

Our attorneys are prepared to pursue compensation for all damages suffered, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost companionship

Unlike the at-fault party, our goal is to obtain full compensation for your damages to help you and your family.

What is the Deadline for Seeking Compensation?

In Arizona, personal injury cases and defective product cases have a two-year statute of limitations. Wrongful death cases also have a two-year deadline. In other words, if you do not file a claim within two years of your injury or your loved one’s death, you will probably lose the right to do so. Claims filed after this deadline are likely to be dismissed in court.

While there are various exceptions to these deadlines, victims should not count on one of these exceptions being applied to their case. It is important to discuss the situation with a licensed attorney as soon as possible. He or she needs time to investigate, determine if you have a valid claim, and build a strong case.

The clock may already be ticking on your claim, so give us a call today. We are ready to discuss the situation and explain how we may be able to help you.

Phillips Law Group. Experienced Attorneys. Proven Results. Call 1-800-706-3000.

Symptoms That May Indicate Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the challenges of treating carbon monoxide poisoning is diagnosing someone with it. This gas has no color or smell so it can be difficult to determine when it may be leaking out in a place where people may breathe it in.

If a patient does not report carbon monoxide exposure, doctors may have a tough time identifying it as the source of the patient’s medical problems. Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure are also like symptoms of the flu, including:

  • Headaches
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Light headedness
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Muscle weakness

Victims may also experience blurred vision, loss of consciousness and confusion.

If people do not know they are being exposed, it could go on for quite a while, increasing the odds of severe or life-threatening injury.

Long-Term Health Problems Caused by Carbon Monoxide

Exposure to carbon monoxide could lead to life-changing injuries, like brain damage, visual or hearing impairment, or even loss of hearing or vision. Victims may suffer brain damage that causes changes in their personality or other psychological issues like depression. Some victims may experience impairment of their motor skills or develop chronic migraine headaches.

Sometimes exposure causes life-threatening or fatal injuries, like heart attacks or respiratory failure. Doctors may need to put patients in hyperbaric chambers to expose them to pure oxygen to try to save their lives or mitigate the damage done by the gas.

It is important to note carbon monoxide exposure can be particularly dangerous for victims in certain categories, such as:

  • Older adults – The older you are, the more likely carbon monoxide exposure is to cause brain damage.
  • Young children – Children tend to take more breaths than adults, which could raise the risk of serious side effects from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Unborn babies – The blood cells in a fetus absorb carbon monoxide more readily than adult blood cells.
  • Those suffering from chronic heart disease – People in this category have a higher likelihood of getting sick from being exposed to this gas.

It is also important to note that those who lose consciousness during exposure to carbon monoxide may be more likely to suffer serious health problems.

Contact a Phoenix Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorney Today

Liable parties, and their lawyers and insurance companies will fight hard to avoid accountability for the harm you or your loved one suffered. You cannot rely on them to provide the compensation you need to manage a life-changing injury or cope with the loss of a loved one.

That is why carbon monoxide victims need an experienced attorney fighting for their interests. While we know compensation cannot change what happened, we have also seen how vital compensation can be as victims and their loved ones manage the aftermath of an unexpected injury or death.

For nearly 30 years, Phillips Law Group has been fighting for those injured by negligence and we have a proven track record of success.

We know injury victims are often concerned about the cost of a lawyer, and that is why we do not charge upfront fees. Our attorneys will not get paid for representing you unless you get paid.

Our Phoenix office is located at 3101 North Central Avenue, just a 10-minute drive from the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse.

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