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Seat Belt Injuries From Car Crashes

Vehicles of all types have been built over the years with an idea for improved safety of those who are inside of them. Some of these innovations have proved to be quite useful, while others have remained a staple for years, including seatbelts. Seatbelts may not be cutting-edge in terms of technology, but they remain a safety feature that generally provides a high degree of protection from harm.

However, there are situations in which seatbelts can actually cause injuries to someone during an Arizona auto accident. Below youll find information regarding the different types of seatbelts and what can go wrong even if they are not defective, common seatbelt defects that tend to lead to injuries, and finally how you should proceed in contacting an experienced auto accident lawyer in Phoenix if you or someone you love has suffered car accident seatbelt injuries.

Seatbelt Types and Common Injuries

As the automotive world has continued to advance and develop, new and different types of seatbelts have emerged in different models of vehicles. Below is a brief overview of these types of automobile seatbelts and the injuries they can cause even if they prove not to be defective.

Shoulder Belt Seatbelts

Shoulder belt seatbelts are those that simply wrap from the top of one shoulder diagonally to the beltline on the other side of a persons body. While this type of seatbelt system may feel safe, the lack of an additional strap across the waist can leave a person vulnerable to serious shoulder injury and neck injuries if the person slides down a bit during an motor vehicle collision and the seatbelt catches the person in a vulnerable area.

Lap Belt Seatbelts

Lap belt seatbelts are basically the opposite of shoulder belt seatbelts in that they involve only one strap that wraps around the waist. This type of seatbelt system is commonly found in the back seats of many vehicle models. When an auto accident occurs, these lap belt systems can lead to serious internal injuries in the abdominal area as well as spinal cord injuries because of the tendency for the body to be thrust forward and then back with a high degree of force.

Passive Restraint Systems

Many would consider the passive restraint system seatbelts to be the most advanced style available, and these systems require manual strapping and locking of a seatbelt across the waist while the shoulder strap automatically moves into place around the person when the car door closes or when the ignition is activated. The most common problem with these systems is similar to what is involved with the shoulder belt systems when a person forgets to lock the waist belt in place and in turn suffers an auto accident seatbelt injury.

Common Defects in Seatbelt Systems

Aside from the basic problems that exist with different seatbelt systems, there are other issues that can arise when seatbelts are defective. Below is a description of two different common seatbelt defects and the injuries that can result from them.

Defective Tension Detectors

Tension detectors are found in almost any modern seatbelt system. What this feature accomplishes is to remove the slack/wiggle room a seat belt provides when the belt feels tension and pressure in a forward direction so that the passenger is held in place. Unfortunately, these systems can prove to fail when theyre needed to tighten and hold the person in place. When this occurs, the car accident injuries can be similar to those suffered by someone who is only wearing a lap belt type of seat belt.

Defective SeatBelt Latches

Seatbelt systems may have advanced over time, but the fundamental aspect of them the manner in which the seatbelt locks into place has largely remained the same for many years. Unfortunately, when these models are defective, the common result is that the seatbelt disengages when the passenger needs it to hold in place the most, during an automobile collision.

In addition, the pressure thats applied to these latches can be exerted and the latch can come undone without the knowledge of the passenger. This often results in the passenger not being prepared to endure the force of the impact which only makes the ultimate accident injuries suffered even worse than they would have been otherwise.

How an Arizona Lawyer Can Help

If you have been in an auto accident and youve suffered seatbelt injuries that are at least partially due to a defective or malfunctioning seatbelt, you likely have a cause of action against both the party that was negligent and caused the accident and the manufacturer of the seatbelt or vehicle manufacturer for the additional injuries you have suffered.

However, this can be a complicated legal matter for people to deal with if they do not have experience, so rather than attempt to take this on yourself you should seek the help of Phoenix personal injury attorneys who have years of experience in holding every type of defendant accountable for injuries suffered. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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