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Bus Crash in Yucaipa Killing Seven People

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Feb 12, 2013 in Auto Accidents

A bus traveling back from Tijuana, Mexico to California was involved in a fatal collision last Monday. As tourists headed back to the United States from a trip to Mexico, the driver screamed for help as the brakes failed. The bus was unable to brake and thus crashed into a Saturn sedan from behind. The bus then swerved and flipped on its side.

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Once on its side, a Ford pickup in the opposing lane crashed into it, which caused the bus passengers inside to fly out of the shattered windows. About three dozen passengers were injured in the crash, in addition to the seven deaths.

After taking a look at the bus records, it was revealed that 22 safety violations had been marked down in inspections since last October. The brakes in the bus were listed amongst the violations. Passengers who survived the crash noted the quick nature of the accident and the terror that was involved.

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