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Arizona is home to many different people and many different modes of transportation. One of the regular sights on the roads in and around the state is that of traveling buses of all types. People use buses for transportation for many different reasons, but the unfortunate reality that relates to this mode of transportation is that bus accidents happen on our roadways, and when they do, the results can be disastrous. AZ bus accident victims are advised to retain the services of an experienced Phoenix auto accident attorney to help sort through this kind of complicated legal scenario.

Below youll find information regarding the different types of buses that make their way through Arizona, the different theories of liability that could arise if people are injured in a AZ bus accident and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been injured in a bus accident in Arizona.

Different Modes of Busing Transportation in Arizona

There are many different types of buses and group transportation vehicles in AZ that can be used for different purposes. Below youll find a brief description of each and information regarding which type of entity is generally responsible for these different types of vehicles and how our Phoenix bus accident lawyers can be of assistance.

Public / City Transit Buses

Public city transit buses are generally put into use for local commuting traffic. They are designed for people who either do not have private transportation or for those who choose to avoid using private transportation as they make their way around town. While the responsibility for these vehicles can vary somewhat, they are usually operated by the local municipality or a bus company thats been hired by the municipality to manage them.

Private / Charter Buses

Private charter buses are usually hired by a group of people to provide transportation for a particular and limited purpose. Examples of reasons for hiring a chartered private bus include corporate outings, sporting events and other occasions in which it would be wise for those attending to not be driving. These vehicles are owned and operated by a private company.

Tour Buses

Tour buses are used to provide transportation for those who wish to travel either to a particular faraway destination or to tour several locations. They are generally hired by a group of people with similar interests or by a company that organizes these tours professionally, and these vehicles are operated by the bus company.

School Buses

School buses are a daily sight in Arizona. They are used to transport children to and from school every morning and afternoon and to take groups of students to school events and sporting events. School buses can be owned by the school board or school district, or they can be owned by a private company that contracts with the school board.

15-Passenger Vans

Groups of people will use a 15-passenger van in order to provide transportation for a smaller group of people than would create the need for a larger bus. These vehicles are typically rented from a rental company and driven by a designated driver from the group.

Theories of Liability for Arizona Bus Accidents

Generally, legal liability in a personal injury lawsuit for a bus accident will depend on which party or parties are responsible for the buses at issue. Given that these ownership/responsibility scenarios can be different, so too are the potential defendants if a bus accident occurs and people are injured. Below is a breakdown of these potential defendants in a lawsuit for personal injury caused by a bus accident and how our Arizona accident lawyers can help.

Public / City Bus Accidents

If a public transit city bus is involved in an accident and the bus is at least partially at fault for the damages that result, the likely defendant for the subsequent claims would usually be the city or municipality that owns these vehicles and collects the revenue for their use.

Private / Charter Bus Accidents

A private chartered bus is generally owned by a private company, and if a charter bus accident occurs, either the busing company or the bus driver could be named as defendants in a legal action. Its also possible that both parties could be defendants in this situation.

Tour Bus Accidents

These kind of buses present a potentially complicated scenario in terms of liability if a tour bus accident occurs. If the tour bus was hired directly by a group of people, then the tour bus company and/or the driver could be liable. If a social club or some intermediary hired the bus on behalf of those who used it, that intermediary could also be a defendant in a legal action.

School Bus Accidents

Usually, when a school bus accident occurs, the school board or school district would be named as a defendant. However, if the school board contracted with a private company to handle this transportation, the private school bus company could also be named as a defendant along with the school board or district.

15-Passenger Van Accidents

15-passenger vans are usually rented by a group of people from a rental or leasing company. If an van accident occurs in this sort of vehicle, the defendants could be the rental company and/or the driver of the van when the accident occurred.

How Arizona Bus Accident Lawyers Can Help

Naming the proper defendants to a lawsuit and pursuing the bus accident claim under the proper theory can be critical for any legal claim. When it comes to bus accidents in Arizona, this can be a complicated analysis. Rather than attempt to handle this situation alone, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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