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Bus Accident Liability - Who Pays the Medical Bills?

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 27, 2010 in Auto Accidents

People use buses for transportation with increasing frequency, and there are many different types of buses that residents of Arizona use regularly. School buses take children to and from school every day, city buses provide an option for an easier commute for some, and private charter buses allow people to travel in groups.

Most people assume that traveling by bus is extremely safe. Generally, busing is safe, but bus accidents do occur in Arizona. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you should seek the help of a qualified Phoenix personal injury lawyer. In the meantime, below is a look at the different parties who could be liable for medical expenses incurred by someone who has been wrongfully injured in a bus accident.

The Private Bus Company

If someone is injured in a private or charter bus accident, the company that owns the bus could be liable for damages incurred. This is because the company is responsible for maintaining a safe vehicle that's properly maintained and is also responsible for hiring drivers who have a strong driving record and a positive working history. If any of these steps are missed by the bus company, then it would likely face legal actions from anyone who has been injured in the accident that occurred.

The Bus Driver

Clearly, there are bus accidents that occur because of the negligence of the bus driver. When this occurs, the bus driver would also be named as a defendant in a lawsuit, and if he or she is found liable, the bus driver could be responsible for the medical expenses incurred by the passengers. Of course, these payments will likely originate from the relevant insurance company, much like with the bus company, but any additional costs could pass to the individual who is found negligent.

The Public Entity

If people are injured in a bus accident that involved a city bus or a school bus, the public entity that owns the vehicle could also be responsible for medical expenses if it's found liable for negligence. These public entities could include the municipality if the bus accident involved a city bus, the school board or school district if the bus accident led to injuries to passengers in a school bus or any other entity that's technically responsible for maintaining safe vehicles and for hiring responsible drivers.

The Other Driver

If the bus accident that occurred was the result of the negligence of the other vehicle in the accident, the passengers in the bus who have suffered injuries and incurred medical expenses as a result would likely pursue the other driver in a legal action for damages. If the other driver is in fact found negligent in court, then he or she would be responsible for the medical expenses incurred by those wrongfully injured.

Overall, seeking compensation for damages as a result of a bus accident in Arizona can be complicated. Instead of attempting to deal with this situation by yourself, contact the Arizona bus accident lawyers at the law firm of Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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