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FDA Asks for Recall of All Zantac and Ranitidine Medications

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Apr 07, 2020 in Class Action Lawsuits

discussion with pharmacist about heartburnThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asked manufacturers of Zantac and other ranitidine medications, prescription and over the counter, to recall all of them from the market over an impurity that may put consumers at risk for cancer.

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The impurity is called N-Nitrosidemtylamine (NDMA), which has been deemed a probable cancer-causing substance. The FDA chose to do a full recall because testing found the amount of this impurity increases over time, regardless of whether the product is stored at higher than room temperature.   

The FDA discovered the presence of NDMA last summer from independent laboratory testing. At the time, there was not enough evidence to determine if it was unsafe to keep taking Zantac and other ranitidine medications. That is why the FDA only issued a warning to the public and said to consider other medications as an alternative to these.

The warning was very important because sustained exposure to high levels of NDMA might increase users’ chances of contracting cancer – small amounts of this substance are commonly found in food and water. The research at the time showed the amount of NDMA increased when these products were stored at higher than room temperature.

The FDA conducted more tests that found the levels of NDMA in ranitidine products increased over time no matter the temperature they were stored at.

Letters were sent to all manufacturers asking them to withdraw all ranitidine medications from the market. The FDA said consumers should immediately stop taking over-the-counter ranitidine, dispose of any they have left and not buy any more. However, anyone taking prescription medication should talk to their doctor before discontinuing use.

Even though there are dedicated drug take-back locations, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, consumers should instead follow the drug disposal directions on the medication guide or package insert.

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