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California Court Ruling on Essure Could Lead to More Lawsuits

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Aug 22, 2016 in Defective Products

brass scales of justiceThe judge for the Superior Court in Alameda County, California, ruled that 11 lawsuits against Bayer, the manufacturer of the permanent birth control device Essure, may proceed. The 11 cases represent 14 women who claim the device caused them to suffer severe injuries.

Bayer tried to have the cases dismissed but the judge sided with the plaintiffs, paving the way for more lawsuits against Bayer and other companies that make defective medical devices that cause injuries.

The Essure permanent birth control device is a small coil comprised of nickel that is placed into a woman’s fallopian tubes. Scar tissue accumulates around the coils, blocking them and preventing eggs from being fertilized. The procedure does not require anesthesia or surgery and can be performed in a doctor’s office.  

However, numerous women claim that Essure has shifted after insertion, perforated organs and caused excruciating pain. In fact, a Facebook support group for women who experienced problems after Essure device implantation has garnered 12,000 likes.

Bayer continues to assert that the company should not be held accountable for women’s injuries caused by the device since the product is federally regulated.

However, 13 years after being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an FDA database has recorded more than 5,000 adverse event reports about the device. 

The FDA met in Sept. 2015 and listened to independent experts who advised the agency to restrict Essure usage since there was not enough research to prove that the product was safe. In Feb. 2016, the FDA mandated that Bayer attach a black box warning to its Essure product.

If you have been injured by an Essure birth control device, contact the Essure lawsuit attorneys at Phillips Law Group to discuss your legal options. With decades of legal experience, our skilled attorneys will fight for your rights and work to obtain any compensation you are entitled.

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