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How Attorneys May be Able to Preserve Evidence of an Auto Accident

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 26, 2021 in Auto Accidents

evidence written on scraps of paperIf your car accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be eligible to obtain compensation for the damages you suffered. However, you need evidence to prove negligence and if you are not careful, evidence could get lost or destroyed.

That is why it is important to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. There are steps an attorney can take to help preserve evidence to build your case. Taking these steps could improve your chances of securing full compensation for your losses.

If you have questions about the legal process after being injured in a car accident, call Phillips Law Group today for assistance. Our firm has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of injury victims in Arizona. The initial consultation with an auto accident lawyer in Phoenix is free of charge.

Evidence Preservation After an Accident

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced attorney to help you build a case for compensation. An attorney who handles these cases all the time will know how to investigate and gather evidence to help prove your injuries resulted from negligence.

An experienced attorney should also understand what needs to be done to preserve evidence before it gets lost, damaged or destroyed. If you hire an attorney, he or she should know how to preserve evidence. You do not want to have to try to figure this out while you are dealing with significant injuries.

Some of the steps an attorney may take to preserve evidence include:

Obtaining Surveillance Footage

The accident may have been recorded on surveillance cameras installed by local businesses. This footage could help to validate your claim and link your injuries to the crash.

However, simply asking the business owner for the footage may not work. A business owner may take things more seriously if the request is made by an attorney. Additionally, attorneys handle these types of cases every day and know how to get this information.

Use the Open Records Act

Did you see traffic cameras at the intersection where your crash happened?

Your attorney may be able to obtain this footage thanks to the Open Records Act. If you hire an attorney, he or she can deal with all the steps involved. This is not something you want to have to deal with after an accident.

Even if you did not see traffic cameras, or remember to look for them, you should ask your attorney to find out if there are cameras at the intersection. Video evidence can be very difficult to dispute, even for insurance companies that are always looking for ways to deny or devalue claims.

Gather Official Witness Testimony

If you are able, you should look around for witnesses after a crash. Even if you do not have much time to talk to them, you can ask for their contact information and provide this to your attorney.

Your lawyer can set up depositions with these witnesses to officially document their account of the accident so it can be used to support your claim. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer who knows what questions to ask to get the information your claim needs.

Drafting and Sending an Anti-Spoliation Letter 

If a crash causes damage to an object or property, it is important the damage is preserved so it can be officially documented. If objects or property are repaired or thrown away, it is no longer useful to helping your attorney prove your case.

Fortunately, your attorney can send an anti-spoliation letter that requires the owner of the property to preserve it as it is. Your lawyer should make sure to have the letter hand-delivered or sent with proof of receipt.

Once someone receives an anti-spoliation letter, they are prohibited from altering the evidence. If they allow something to happen to it, they may face sanctions.

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