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What Evidence Can Help Me Prove My Personal Injury Case?

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Dec 05, 2017 in Personal Injury

evidence for a personal injury caseTo file a claim for an accident caused by another’s negligence, you will need to provide evidence that shows the other party is responsible for causing your injuries.

When building a case to support your claim, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible to prove your claim to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Because the facts in each personal injury claim are unique, an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer can help you find credible evidence that definitively proves your injuries are linked to the at-fault party’s negligence. Any evidence you find can be crucial to securing the compensation you need to recover.

Accident Report

Accident and police reports are typically filed when law enforcement respond to an accident scene or when an accident resulted in serious injury or death.  

An accident report is useful because it provides an unbiased and objective retelling of the events that occurred. Furthermore, it becomes the official record that often names which party the responding law enforcement officer believes is at fault for the accident.

Accident or police reports can be obtained by filing a request with the responding law enforcement agency. For instances if you were injured in a car accident in Phoenix, you can request an accident report online with the Phoenix Police Department. 

Medical Records

If you have been injured, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately. This prompt response can help you avoid worsening your injuries and establish the link between your injuries and the accident.

You should hold onto the following types of medical records:

  • Emergency room records
  • Hospital records
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for payments of medical bills
  • Records from physical therapists
  • Psychological records

You may also want to request your medical records from your primary care physician that show your health before the accident in case the insurance company tries to claim you had a pre-existing injury.

Employment Records that Indicate Lost Wages

Often, serious personal injuries will cause victims to lose wages or income by missing work or being forced to take a lower-paying, less physically demanding job.

If your injury resulted in loss of wages or ability to earn an income, you may be able to recover your lost pay. You can request that your employer carefully document the days you are unable to work and provide information about your pay rate and the number of hours you averaged each week.

Additionally, ask for a doctor’s note stating whether your injury prevents you from working. The note should also detail the number of days he or she believes you should be off work.

You may also need proof of your pre-accident earnings to show how much pay you lost due to your injuries.

Photographs of the Accident Scene, Your Injuries and Your Damages

Photos can provide important context to insurance adjusters and jurors. Following the accident, take as many photos as possible, if you are physically able.

This should include pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, damage to your property and other damages you sustained. Also, try to document your injury while you recover. This can include pictures of your injury to show insurers how it has affected you since the accident.

Witness Statements

Witness statements can be critical to the success of your claim because they provide an objective perspective about how the accident occurred from people who are not invested in the claim.

If possible, try to get contact information from any witnesses that observed the accident. Our personal injury lawyers can later contact them and get their statement about how the accident occurred.

Pain Journal

While prescriptions and medical bills may be able to demonstrate the extent of your medical damages, it can be difficult for claim adjusters or jurors to understand the pain and suffering you endured.

For this reason, many personal injury lawyers recommend keeping a journal in which you detail the pain you experience on different days and how medical treatment has impacted you.

Insurance Policy Information

If the accident involves a claim with your own insurance company, provide a copy of it to your personal injury lawyer so that he or she will know the policy limitations and coverage details.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Personal injury victims may have the legal right to recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you were injured in an accident, do not hesitate to contact Phillips Law Group’s personal injury lawyers in Phoenix. We can discuss your claim during a free, no-obligation case consultation.

We provide our services on a contingency-fee basis. This means you will not be charged upfront legal fees and you only have to pay for our services if we successfully recover compensation for your claim.

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