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What Are Contingency Fees?

At Phillips Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are paid only if we win and you collect compensation for your injury.

There is no cost to discuss your potential case, as the initial consultation is free. There is no upfront cost to get started on your case either. We advance these costs, interest free, to help maximize the value of your claim and to relieve any financial burden on you.

Legal fees are calculated as a percentage of what you recover before legal expenses and costs are deducted. These fees will be removed from your settlement or award after the successful completion of your case.

Why Our Law Firm Works on Contingency

We believe everyone should have access to premium quality legal counsel. We represent all types of people on all types of personal injury cases.

By advancing costs, our firm helps to even the odds against powerful insurance companies and at-fault parties that often have significant resources to defend their case.

What do We Discuss in a Free Consultation?

You can learn more about the no upfront fee system in your free initial consultation. If we validate your claim and you choose to hire our firm, the fee arrangement will be laid out in a contact for you and your attorney to sign.

How are Victims and Attorneys Paid if the Case is Won?

Most injury claims are resolved through an out-of-court settlement, often with an insurance company. There are also cases that go to trial and result in the jury awarding compensation.

Once your case is resolved, we will review your compensation award with you and explain how our costs will be covered. We know many victims often have medical debts that need to be paid and we are prepared to help you resolve those.

Other Ways Attorneys are Paid for Their Services

There are other law firms that require payment up front, before they even start working on a case. This fee is also called a retainer fee. This fee is usually in addition to hourly fees for working on your case. A retainer fee is often thousands of dollars, and the hourly fee is often hundreds of dollars.

Upfront fees are often cost-prohibitive for people who want to hire a lawyer. That is why the no upfront fee arrangement benefits injury victims.

Contact Phillips Law Group to Learn More

We are here to answer your questions about the no upfront fee system and the fees for your potential case.

A representative of our firm is ready to take your call 24/7 to set up your free initial consultation with one of our licensed attorneys. We also have a Free Case Evaluation form you can complete to provide more information about your claim, along with a live chat option.

Our firm has more than 28 years’ experience representing the injured in Arizona and a proven track record of success.

Phillips Law Group is here to help you. 1-800-706-3000

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