What to do if Your Wrist was Injured in a Car Accident

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on May 26, 2017 in Auto Accidents

doctor bandaging patient's wristOne of your first instincts during a traffic collision in Arizona may be to grab hold of a steady surface, such your steering wheel or dashboard, and brace for impact.

Although this is a normal reaction for many car accident victims, it places your wrists at risk of becoming seriously injured.

Wrist injuries are very common in car accidents and can result in expensive medical bills and may prevent you from working or performing simple tasks.

The human wrist contains eight bones that are very delicate and can result in several types of injuries if subjected to blunt trauma, such as a car accident.


A wrist fracture means that a bone in your wrist is broken. The wrist can be fractured when one of its eight bones makes a hard impact with a surface in your vehicle or is hit by an object at high speeds.

A stable wrist fracture can either be “non-displaced” or “displaced.” Non-displaced wrist fractures occur when the bones do not move out of place and are stable.

Displaced wrist fractures refer to a break that requires the bones to be put back into their proper place, called a “reduction” or “setting.” You will need to wear a cast or sling if you suffer from a displaced wrist fracture after a car accident.

Some wrist fractures can be unstable and may cause future medical complications. In an unstable fracture, your bones tend to move or shift into an unnatural position when they heal even if you have a cast or sling.


A sprain is an injured ligament, which is a strong band of tissue that connects one bone to another.

A wrist sprain can be caused by impact with a hard surface while your hand is outstretched. This could happen during a car accident if you attempt to lessen your impact by using your hand to grab hold of the surface in front of you.

There are three levels of sprains that your wrist can endure during a car accident:

Grade One

A “grade one” sprain is considered the least severe wrist injury you can suffer from a car accident. A grade one wrist sprain is relatively mild and occurs when the ligaments are stretched, but not torn.

Grade Two

A wrist sprain is categorized as “grade two” when the ligaments are partially torn. This may result in some loss of function in the wrist or hand.

Grade Three

A “grade three” sprain is the most severe level of sprain your wrist can endure. This occurs when the ligament connecting the wrists’ bones is completely torn.

You will need medical or surgical care if you acquire a grade three wrist sprain in a car accident. A grade three sprain can also cause an avulsion fracture if the torn ligament takes a small piece of your bone with it.

Joint Dislocation

This type of injury occurs when your wrist’s joints become dislocated in a traffic accident and prevent the bones from moving correctly.

Joint dislocation can be very painful and could result in permanent damage if you do not treat it immediately.

Tendon Damage

Your tendons connect your muscles to your bones. When tendons are subjected to blunt trauma, like a car accident, they become inflamed. This is called tendonitis and is very painful in areas that are affected.

Symptoms of a Wrist Injury

A wrist injury has very distinctive qualities that will allow you or a medical professional to immediately recognize that you might have sustained serious damage during the car accident.

The symptoms of a serious wrist injury are:

  • Pain in the wrists or hands
  • Swollen wrists
  • Bruising
  • Discolored skin
  • Numbness in the wrists, hands or fingers
  • Inability to flex wrists or fingers
  • Inability to straighten wrists or fingers

Untreated wrist injuries can become progressively worse. You should always seek medical care following a car accident, even if your symptoms only seem mild.

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