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Yasmin Lawsuits and Birth Control Side Effects

Birth control is an industry that reaches well into the billions in terms of annual revenue thats generated for companies of all types. Obviously, people have innumerable reasons for controlling and preventing unwanted pregnancies, and as the medical… Read More

Arizona Employers Responsibility to Keep their Workforce Safe

Certain occupations come with inherent risks of disease and other medical problems, and while most understand this risk before undertaking employment in that trade or profession, it does not preclude the employer from taking every reasonable step to keep… Read More

Pharmaceutical Companies Responsibility to Sell Safe Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies have brought new medications to the market in recent years that treat and sometimes cure diseases and conditions that many thought could never be managed. These companies spend millions of dollars every year on research and development,… Read More

Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Charges in Arizona

Even though the voices of opposition are growing in volume, the drug war rages on in Arizona. The state is known for its tough and strict drug laws, and if someone is arrested and convicted for a drug offense, he or she could face substantial periods… Read More

Arizona DUI Checkpoints and Your Rights

DUI checkpoints in Arizona are becoming more prevalent, as they are in all but 11 other states in the country. The Arizona DUI Enforcement Unit reports that more than 7,000 people are arrested for DUI in the state every year, and many of them are caught… Read More

Arizona Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt

Millions of people in the United States file for bankruptcy protection every year, and one of the leading reasons for the need for this type of protection is the accumulation of credit card debt. The people of the United States collectively carry almost… Read More

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Arizona

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Arizona that was not your fault, you need more than one form of help. Clearly, you need medical help to make sure that you recover properly from your injuries and can get back into your normal routine… Read More

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