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Your Right to Sue After a Car Accident

When auto accidents occur in Arizona, the aftermath gives rise to circumstances that are extremely common. Generally, the insurance companies of those who have insurance get involved by way receiving claims, offering settlements and dealing with the other… Read More

Congressional Hearings on Toyota Recall Begin

Toyota as both a brand and a company has come under fire in recent weeks given the enormous recalls initiated on several different models that the company manufactures. The main reason for the recall was a serious problem with the accelerator pedals sticking… Read More

Senate Report Brings Scrutiny to Avandia and FDA

Diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, is a difficult health condition to manage. It is also a medical problem that continues to grow in terms of its overall effect on the population. This growing need in recent years led pharmaceutical companies to… Read More

Your Guide to Hiring a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents occur at a high rate in Phoenix, and what that leads to is thousands of people being injured in the metro area in collisions every year. In almost every auto accident, someone is at fault, and if a person is injured because of someone else's… Read More

Reports of New Problems With the Toyota Prius Emerge

Toyota is a brand that's been taking a beating in recent weeks, and to date more than 8 million units have been recalled, mostly due to problems with the accelerator pedal sticking in an improper position. In addition, other reports have surfaced regarding… Read More

Whiplash Compensation for a Phoenix Car Accident

Auto accidents are extremely common in Phoenix. In 2008 alone, there were more than 34,000 crashes just within city limits which led to almost 17,000 injuries. One of the most common injuries as a result of auto accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is an injury… Read More

Phoenix DUI Lawyers and Ignition Interlock Laws

Being arrested for DUI in Arizona is a serious criminal charge, and the state is known to have some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States. One such law involves the requirement to have an Ignition Interlock Device, or IID, installed in the personal… Read More

Guide to Lawsuits Filed for Stroller Finger Amputations

Graco, one of the world's leading manufacturers for several different children's products, recently initiated a massive recall of 1.5 million units of several different lines of its baby strollers. The reason for the recall was because of reports of seven… Read More

Phoenix Legal Rights Guide - Your Best Defense

If you are facing the prospect of being prosecuted for a crime, you're obviously dealing with one of the most intense struggles of your lifetime. The government is a strong adversary, and when the process of building a case against you begins, it will… Read More

Yasmin Side Effects Lawyers at Phillips Law Group Provide Clients with Updates

Yasmin is a birth control drug that's come under fire from several different angles because of the growing number of reports of Yasmin side effects. When a drug leads to harm in many people who use it, the legal world refers to these matters as 'mass… Read More

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